Are cows more important than soldiers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Colonick, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Why does the British media find the death of a few cows due to foot and mouth disease more newsworthy than the death of soldiers? While they bang on about the poor moo cows as though it is a f*ucking national disaster the death of a soldier only gets a brief mention on the ticker-tape captions at the bottom of the TV screen! What a bunch of c*cks!
  2. That's the way our f*cked up country is nowadays I'm afraid!! :x Big Brother, kids trying to dance, Kerry "mum's a chav" Katona's house getting burgled are all examples of what makes our degenarate society tick at the moment!!! :x :x :roll:

    We need a common-sense government that actually LIKE British people and aren't scared to get a grip of our chav, greedy, lazy society! :evil:
  3. Not surprising is it though?...I mean the floods and foot and mouth disease, have/will dominate the news.

    It is technically a national disaster, but these things affect people..the death of a soldier doesnt. Only the family friends. I dont mean that harshly, its just the way news reporters see it.

    I agree with you mate, just I try not to get too angry about it. Britain turned into a selfish 'me' nation a long time ago. Thats why I gave up on Britain long, long ago.
  4. Sadly this is the case nowadays, British service personnel being killed is an almost daily occurence which does not seem to warrant anything more than a tickertape entry on sky news, still I bet their families won't get a compensation deal anywhere near in the region given to the said farmers.
  5. They certainly get more media attention. (I do NOT belittle in anyway this dangerous and disastrous outbreak of foot and mouth disease).

    Good to see the Annointed One personally managing it ! Nothing too micro for the Annointed One.

    I am waiting with bated breath for the time he personally manages the NHS, Education, Immigration, European Soviet Union corruption, Crime, demoralised Police, Debt Mountains, run-down Armed Forces and a unending list of defects in the nation that HE, together with the grinning spiv, engineered over ten years!

    We were told the appalling man was a control freak.
  6. Foot and Mouth is happening down the road, not half a world away. If a soldier got killed in action in Surry you can bet it would be front page news.

    Last time the Uk economy suffered an incalcuable loss of earnings for years. That inpacts on everything, not just farmers. Its big news, very big.

    I'm not saying the death of a soldier isn't, but there is more to the UK than the army.
  7. Whinging Fifer! It is ironic that the government appears to be resposible for the F&M cluster as well as the Iraq-istan one but we are having a "who is the most hard done to" crying match on here instead of focussing on who is responsible. It is very sad when one of us dies on operations, in training or on holiday but if the agricultural industry gets another dicking, then it will be way beyond "sad".

    I feel for the families and friends of those on operations, my best mate in the world -ever - is off to the 'Stan later this year and I am angry as hell about the apparent discontinuity of policy, inefficiencies and penny-pinching that surrounds that deployment. however I also live in a rural community and I can remember very clearly the last F&M outbreak, the effects it had on people I liked and respected and their families.

    I have heard all the jokes about never having met a poor farmer. I also knew one who topped himself just after the last outbreak, because his career had literally gone up in smoke and HMG had let him and his colleagues down so badly. Let's face it, everyday we go on on here about the clusters in our various operations and the effect on our comrades and ourselves.

    Well put yourself in the farmers' shoes...fecked about by the government, screwed over by big industry and hey...just like the soldiers!
  8. The thing is..the world doesnt revolve around the army. Of course its devastating losing service people...but its sadly something that happens on OPS.

    In fairness to farmers, its not their fault that foot and mouth has returned, and the compensation they want is only to cover the loss of earnings they have suffered..not money in the pocket for nothing.

    And there are serious effects to foot and mouth aswell, if you sit and think about it, not only to the farmers but were all affected along the chain somewhere.
  9. Why are you surprised? foot and mouth is a far bigger story than any "normal" death (apart from the death of a "celeb" of course) whether its a road accident, a gang shooting, a robbery gone wrong, its not really a big deal in the greater scheme of things, people get killed every day for lots of different reasons, its a non event im afraid, twenty years ago all you got was a single line "another soldier was killed in NI today"... nothing changes
  10. The death of any Serviceman/woman on ops is sad but that is part of the risk to which we all signed up. I haven't seen the recent figures but I bet we still kill more personnel on the roads than we do on ops.

    F&M has a major impact on everybody in the country, if only because the cost of food will increase, access to the countryside will be restricted and we will have to sit through more of those interminable Bernard Matthew's turkey advertisements!

    As Cuddles wrote, the impact on the countryside is horrendous.

  11. There are some very thought provoking reasons on this thread why the death of a Serviceman is no longer front page news, I would like to add that the F&M thing is very new and very current - the Iraq war has been dragging on now for 4 years or so, the media is bored and wants something else to scream about. Last week it was the floods, this week F&M, next week, who knows? If you cast your mind back, you'll remember that Telic was front page and the TV couldn't get enough of it and then, well, here we are.
  12. Isn't funny how there is always "News" all the time, every day? Never a day without a biggest story, is there?

    If there wasn't floods, F+M, Pete Dickhead and Kunt Moss or anything else, then Squaddies would get front page.
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No we wouldn't. Just as NI never got a footing in the UK press except when there really was some horrible horrible tragedy, the journo's will always find something else to fill the news with.

    Accept it - todays reality is that soldier news stories don't sell unless we have fcuked up and they can hang us for days on end. One more dead soldier....well, there has been lots of those lately, hasn't there....not newsworthy....... :x
  14. It does get on my nerves though, when Big brother and jade goody and friends make front page news...but its the world we live in today.

    Like the man said, Telic dominated the news in 2003 for three months, but I was there in it, so didnt really see the media coverage.

    I remember Op granby being big news at the time aswell, although I was still at school.

    News changes all the time, if its not one thing its another.
  15. 'Kin 'ell armies, how to make me (and a bunch of others I would think) feel really old!