Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by The_Magician, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. I was at a reunion dinner last year and we had a couple of guest speakers one was the Battalion's Commanding Officer.

    He was speaking about recent and up and coming Operations, he spoke eloquently and with much confidence and gusto, but I could not help but think to myself I have never heard a CO speak like this, all the normal gubbins, but he (In my humble Opinion) sounded like a Political Puppet not like the CO’s that I had been used to in the past.

    Have any of you guys that have returned to reunions ever noticed this, now guys I am not having a pop at Officers, his speech just seemed strange to me. (God bless they and their soldiers have a hard enough job as it is)


  2. I can't speak from personal knowledge, but as I understand it, any decent CO should get fired up about the chance of proper war-fighting Ops - it's the basic part of the job. Also, if it was a reunion then his speech would probably be phrased differently to what he'd say to the Toms under his command.
  3. The sacrifice as to be justified, hence they spout political or historical referances. Ive seen OBE, MBE etc etc get thrown about after a tour, for what i could not work out! Like I said they try and convince the rank and file because deep down they have doubts themselves why we are there. Its up to the individual if he or she becomes aroused by a speech. Personally I gave a big yawn to myself and thought lets get on with it.
  4. Magdovus

    I understand where you are coming from, however I have been to numerous reunions in the 10 years since I left the Colours and I have heard many a CO speak, but not like this.

    I was sitting next to a WO2, I knew him as a young ‘Lance Comical’ when I was serving and the Phrase Political Puppet came from him, I said that the CO sounded like a Politician and said “No he is a Fu*king Political Puppet”.

    It just seems to me in the days of Political Correctness’ and this Government which rules this Nanny State with a Rod of Iron, they even have the lads in Green cowering....

    As I said I am not having a pop.


  5. He has always been like that magic. Certainly a different character from the man who was in the chair before him. IMO, like other Lt Cols up and down the lines, he has one eye on the bigger picture and his next move, therefore he cannot be seen to be rocking the boat or he will, like previous COs' who have spoken out find he has hit the ceiling and move sideways rather than up. Just my thoughts, not looking to getting into an interwebnet argument with anyone.

  6. A Very Good Point Buttons, the previous one was the Donkey’s Do Dah’s, I remember him joining the Battalion in that Hot Country we were posted in for two years, an absolute Gentleman.


  7. Thank Fook I am no longer serving..........

    I would have 252's coming oot ma fat arse....

  8. Well at least they would be on recycled paper.
  9. The same thing has happened in the various Police & Fire services!
    A lot of "suitable" officers are selected to go on various politicised training couses, possibly "common purpose" type! It ensures that they all toe the political line drawn by their masters in westminster! Those that dont just get passed over! :x