Are corps mixed during basic training?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by ILES, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. I am going for basic in the next few months at ATR Pirbright having passed selection, so I am wondering whether Ill be with fellow RLC recruits or mixed between signals, reme, engineers etc? any feedback will be much appreciated. Thankyou in advance.
  2. If it was same as my day you'll have a platoon full of RLC, there might be the odd bod from REME if they only have a few on the intake date.
  3. Why is this in the Seniors Forum?
  4. Being a newbie I was unsure where to post my thread. I looked for a relevant place to ask my question and assumed senior meant adult entry I now stand corrected from your helpful response and will delete my thread if it makes you feel better?
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  5. Merely asking a question, no need to be petulant
  6. You will have a platton full of RLC but through the course of traning you might get the odd back trooper who cold be any cap badge. I went through traning with the RE by the time we passed out we had 2 fusilers and an anglian with us.
  7. If its in Pirbright (This is going back 16 years) The Artillery, REME and RLC start off with their own troops but backsquadding means you can end up with a mix. Only the Guards had their own platoons, which is a bit of pain in the arse because if they get backsquadded it was to a platoon 8 weeks behind. (everyone else is 1 or 2 weeks).
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  8. The only definitive answer is, you'll find out when you get there.

    Chances are you'll be in an all RLC/RLC heavy mix, but if other Corps need to get blokes through they can be mixed in. As can you. You could (slim chance) find yourself as the only Loggie in a RE Plt for example.

    CAMus bods are often slotted in with the AGC, but can find themselves in with other capbadges. Likewise, although traditionally RADC and RAVC bods go with the RAMC, they can sprout up in other plts like fungus.

    Important to note that in these days of austerity and common syllabi, a recruit place is filled by a recruit.

    PS you are indeed a Senior due to your age. When you arrive at ATR Pirbright, don't be fobbed off by the sh1t accomodation you are possibly given. Go back down to the guardroom and demand Seniors accomodation. They will be inspired by your confidence and make you 'duty student' for Basic, which leads to automatic promotion to LCpl on leaving Ph 1.
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  9. Of course there are a few odd platoons. When I went throught the ATR ours was a bastardised platoon with bods from AGC, RLC, RAMC, QARANC, CAMus, along with some RGJ, LI and a Fusilier.

    The passout photo had all 8 cap badges printed along the top and the head dress assortment looked a fcuking shambles. Still it was handy for the corps history test as the platoon staff didn't have a clue about our histories or traditions either (they were all Light Div staff).