Are cone heads the down fall of the core??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by born_to_solder, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. In my opinion cone heads have taken all of the shyt that used to be aimed at other trades.
    They seem to have excelled at talking "geek" in bars, they have put every effort into growing larger guts than the rest of the core but best of all have succeded in making being downgraded a TDT for their trade! I even heard a RUMOUR that class 2 techs trying to retrade are being turned away if they can pass a BPFA or APWT.
    Just look at the PT turnout from IS troop to see that only the baby cones turn up.
    Im sure they have a very important job to do in the bigger picture of things but on a more serious note, is the reason they are physically and personality defficient because new recruits are from the playstation generation drawn to the computer trade?

    P.S TG's are gay.
  2. I would say that THE biggest downfall of the Corps is people trying to be intellectual and slate others yet not being able to spell part of the full title of their own corps (and yes, that is how you spell it).

    If you are going to berate others, make an effort to not look silly in the first sentence.
  3. What core, the apple core????

    What a knobber you are born to solder!!!!!!!!

    Chip on your shoulder perhaps?
  4. born_to_solder you are a knob.
  5. Failed TG per chance?
  6. Rotten to the Corps.
  7. LOL

    O2 thief alert !
  8. LOL

    Thanks borntosolder, I was starting to get fed up at the lack of disharmony in this forum!:D Presumably you can back up your superiority complex with actions not just words. Y'know...faster than a speeding bullet, leap over tall buildings in a single bound etc. Look...I'm sorry if the Corps turned you down for a transer to the IS don't have to be so bitter about it. If you manage to appeal your brown letter then you'll soon be a CS Engineer anyway, so take a chill pill, kiddo! 8)

    Hooray for the core.

    By the way...which Regt are you bitching about?

    (oh...and pse just confirm that the post was actually a wah)
  9. born_to_solder

    Don't think so, Techs get a load of shite thrown their way as well.

    They are geeks you imbred, what do you think they would talk about, Football, girls?

    Unfortunately this is true across the corps not just a single trade, however they are still in a minority (shite should not have called them that...under new Labour they will now get tax rebates and better housing).

    Bollox, what you heard was failed Techs getting thrown out because they are shite Techs. Just because someone fails being a Tech does not make them any better at being an IS or any other trade.


    And what generation are you, apart from illiterate that is?

    You are truly uneducated in all aspects of the word and should ecuse yourself from the Corps now.

    Don't, you will get hurt!
  10. He might be a fcuking tool, but he does have a point about TG's ;-)
  11. Guru I did once like you............out side now!
  12. "P.S TG's are gay."

    They probably are now, combat handbags were withdrawn and Louis Vuitton issued when rx and tx went to 15w.p.m.

    As for your 'rant', seems as though you have inhaled too much lead oxide and colophony. Book yourself in for some electro shock therapy to revive what grey matter you have left.
  13. Look what a naturally discarded core did for Sir Isac Newton! The Core, the orchid today, tomorrow the Army!

  14. You are obviously a knob of the highest order. Your rampant jealously of those who have achieved something in their life is obvious by your ill written, pointless post.
  15. I don't think coneheads speak geek all the time voluntarily, any more than chefs go down the town discussing the nutritional value of metasulpatesewibblebicarbonateglucofreakamaside-2 (lard?), lineys have meaningful discussions about 'pimping their landrover', yeomen talk about 'the time in band camp when we deployed an HF det to the moon and they got comms in straight away or techs reminisce about getting beaten up on their first det! In my experience, most of those discussions have been started by non-geeky people trying to a) impress, or b) blag a favour. I reckon talking shop is fine, but unilaterally talking 'geek' in polite company is bad drills.

    TGs are fine by me. Comms trades good 8) ....non-comms trades bad :( :? .