Are Clerk of Works jumped up Lance Jacks??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MadPickleFarmer, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. MadPickleFarmer

    MadPickleFarmer Old-Salt

    They start their course as A2 sappers, having attempted a cadre and leave 2 years later as a SSgt?
    Is this right? I think not. Fine in a design cell drawing, writing reports and mincing to the mess at 1000 hrs for tea and toast, but on tour they control tasks which include bods.
    Zero qualifications in this department. Lack of experience and soldiering on the ground makes for poor line managers.
    Anyone have any other views? :?
  2. skivivor

    skivivor Old-Salt

    Surely it depends on the individual?
  3. MadPickleFarmer

    MadPickleFarmer Old-Salt

    Fair one. No doubt there are good ones out there, however mostly (the ones i've come across) are bell ends.
  4. Do you not have to be lance jack recommended full screw?

    Fcuk is this a wah?
  5. 10BA09

    10BA09 Old-Salt

    Please, do not get me going on this, my VERY favourite subject!
  6. oldbooty

    oldbooty War Hero

    having been both a lance jack and later a clerk of works in civvie life.


    Pompous little t w a ts
  7. No doubt there are decent one's out there, but most are all Knobbers who can sh1t off.
  8. 10BA09

    10BA09 Old-Salt

    Im just waiting for the bleating little fairies to come here to justify themselves, however, as part of their course includes spine removal (if one was present) that is highly unlikely.
  9. sapper1743

    sapper1743 Old-Salt

    in answer to the question!

    F uckin right they are......
  10. Don't worry there will be a gang of them somewhere, weaseling about, trying to pluck up the courage to reply with something witty, vainly trying to justify their career choice. Gimps.
  11. REgards

    REgards LE

    'kin hell fellas you must be bored, this threads never been done before has it? :roll:
  12. 10BA09

    10BA09 Old-Salt

    Ah, youll be a clerk of works then, probably wrapped up nice and cosy in the dream world that is chillwell, or chatham maybe?
  13. Right, I've dug in.

    Is it possible they havent replied because they are all working?

    Yeah. Right! :rofl:
  14. 10BA09

    10BA09 Old-Salt

    They`ve probably gone to tell the boss theyre being bullied by real soldiers again, or prehaps its parents evening!
  15. They'll be shuffling papers round their desk, staring at the clock ready for knock off ... cos they've got youth club tonight and they don't like the bigger boys that go.