Are changing kit parades still a part of basic training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Napper, May 4, 2012.

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  1. In particular, "Mess Tin Order"?
  2. It's illegal to do now...however, it depends on the wording...'fitting parade,' works. Checking that their uniform fits in the correct manner ;)
  3. 5 mins full marching order GO!
  4. Good god, we could fit 2 quick change errr fitting parades in that time!
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  5. Five minutes?

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  6. Do you long to be surrounded by many semi-naked men wearing only the most basic of military equipment?

    Have you considered a career in the Royal Marines?
  7. Two minutes - CEFO go!
    Two minutes - working dress go!
    Two minutes - PT kit go!
    Two minutes - combats go!

    Right *******, stand by your beds locker open!

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  8. And be on parade poncho on the ground, all kit laid out uniformly ready for inspection.
  9. They certainly are. Never seen Mess Tin Order raise its head though.
  10. Ok you are all in rag order, show parade, parade square 1700 hrs with your bed space.
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  11. I never did understand why they got so upset when ones kit was in shit state after they had thrashed us in it!
  12. All part of the game.
  13. Probably. I should be feeling glad Flasher's Order, the old pervie army rain mac', with SR6, woolly tie and NBC boots plus the twat hat to top it all off, fitted me well, then. So that's put that one to bed. Seventies DS, kuntz to a man :) May have been plimsolls but NBC boots would have been cool.
  14. 0600 show parade, showing dust removed from locker!
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  15. Not forgetting show room table and room bin at the Guardroom 2200 hrs. While you're at it- wear No.2s and best boots, you'll look ever so nice.
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