Are cars getting too clever for their own good?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by goatrutar, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. In my occupation I get to see cars in varying states and get to see their most common ailments. The thing I'm getting at the moment is that cars are getting more high tech than is realistically necessary. This applies to mainly to Euro cars but it's spreading to other makes.

    For example, do we really need and 8 speed automatic gearbox in a car? My truck grosses 10.4 tonne and copes quite nicely with a 6 speed synchro box.
    Another good example is the electric handbrake. You pull a little lever up with your finger and your handbrake comes on. Lovely idea until you get a flat battery, then it can get ugly. Surely we can still use a normal handbrake lever?
    The worst I've seen is in an Audi S6, it took me ages to figure out how to open the glovebox. Until I found a button to operate the electric glovebox lid. That's just taking the piss...

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  2. It's OK, most drivers compensate by being extra-stupid once they get behind the wheel.
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  3. Just more things to go wrong and be ******* expensive to fix when they do go wrong which, due to it being 'technology', they will go wrong and probably ******* spectacularly.
  4. The worst thing with more electrical stuff is trying to find faults when they occur.
    When there is a million wires going everywhere and one is short circuiting, it is more or less impossible to find.

    It really is not that necessary to have some of the electronics that we have.
    Even the new common rail diesel engines, as powerful and efficient as they are, they are much less forgiving than the old style.

    Everything in the world is getting unnecessarily high tech, and I will not be surprised if it begins to go backward a bit when people realize how unnecessarily complicate technology can make things.
  5. The new Range rover is supposedly a work of art and technology and at nigh on £100 grand a pop I winder how many will be used to get the heifer to market let alone cross a muddy field as nature intended them to do.

    Mitsubushi and Toyota must be laughing their nuts off.
  6. Go on to Youtube and look at videos of the newer Rangies and Disco 4s, for something that 99% of users will use for a town car they are incredible offroad.
    If I were inundated with money I'd love to buy a top spec Range Rover, take it four wheel driving everywhere, and take it in for it's first service absolutely caked in mud.
  7. Yep, they are far to clever and they are often busy tying themselves in knots. I often go out to cars with mystery faults or faults that aren't really faults. The most common ones seem to be cars that think they are flooded, semi auto gearboxes that aren't quite sure what gear they are in, immobiliser faults or anything French.. They just can't do reliable electrics.

    And them electronic hand brakes are always getting stuck on. Never buy a Renault for that reason alone.

    HGV's are getting that way though..Volvo trucks are now coming with electric handbrakes.. Which is a right pain if the wrecker your in doesn't put out 11 bar.
  8. Yep I know some of the people who worked on the new RR and it is very good off road. So good that they reckon only 10% of it's potential will ever be used by the people who now drive them. When you buy one you have the option of having an induction into how to use the drive train and other facilities.
    Remember if your going off road that usually means far away from tech support and recovery. A Land rover enthusiast who works on them (and I'm not talking shop floor) said the electrics and mud don't mix after a few months together.
  9. I knew it would go tits up when they started using electric window winders. What's the feckin point?
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  10. Try a modern needs the electronics to deal with the power. Very different beast when it's all turned off.
  11. Modern Range Rovers seem to have very little ground clearance - I don't see the point of all that off-road mightiness if you're going to be defeated by a couple of small rocks.
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  12. Some tech is good, we don't have ignition advance on the steering wheel any more, BUT

    Hazards that come on when braking. The Volvo T5 went like a train and only had four gears, why does the Audi Q have eight but can't pull it's own weight? "Common Bus" electronics where each item knows its own digital signature, thus preventing you easily adding sensible electronics. Airbag lights that come on at a certain mileage - MOT failure? Microchips with so much spare capacity that designers think "Wonder what other tricks I can squeeze in there?" "Lazy Lock" windows and sunroof, that remember their last open position, unfortunately during horizontal rain on the motorway. Miniature tyre repair kits instead of a proper spare on a proper wheel. Reversing cameras on saloon cars instead of using judgement. Infra-red motion detectors on the dash.

    I blame lazy wealthy Americans who just want to get in something better equipped than their living room, press the loud pedal or make it stop and if it doesn't do those send for the garage, 'cos they're in no hurry and don't have to work for a living, meet family deadlines, or use a car like the rest of the world has to.
  13. Lets face it car companies don't want us to fix cars they want us to buy them. Governments are in cahoots with them as they worship the gods of mamon whilst they preach ecology. Germany and Italy have made it illegal to change your own oil and a bust radiator can lead to a fine if you spill coolant on the road.
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  14. They have air suspension meaning they can raise themselves higher to increase ground clearance

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  15. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I like the new developments. Put a key in, engine starts.
    Stand on brakes, vehicle stops..........and a decent sound system.
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