Are Care Boxes appreciated?

Every three months or so, my missus duly fills and delivers care boxes to the local Support our Soldiers rep.
Are these boxes getting through, are they appreciated?
We have heard that the "top brass" would rather people didn't send care boxes because they take up valuable cargo space. But hey, are they are sending out sweeties, socks & foot powder over ammunition? Which idiot would do that, or is it another Government cost cutting exercise?

I am posting this in a hope that there will be a positive response to the boxes.

BTW the missus is taking part in the Help for Heroes sponsored coast to coast (Gt Yarmouth to Fishguard) motorcycle ride this weekend - I'm gutted can't go due to work commitments.
Yes they are greatly appreciated, especially the smellies and toiletries as NAAFI are robbing bastards and rip soldiers off. Thank your missus for us. Cheers!


Unless things have changed dramatically (and I assume not) any redcross parcel with morale inside was always greatfully received. Keep up the good work.
Yes they are very much appreciated.

Where I am we try and push them as far forward as possible. Great for moral.

Thanks very much for your and your wifes support.

They are a superb morale boost. You truly are gems :thumright:
Very much so, especially the one received by a Reme lad in Bastion with the polaroid of a lactating t*t being squeezed into some hairy chinners gob
we (REME Assoc) have had a direct instruction NOT to do the christmas boxes this year - much to our annoyance, as we had some good letters of thanks from last year's effort, so we know how much it means for the troops to get something.

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