Are Camaron and Haig acting like poodles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gerryb, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    I have heard a number of reports over the last few days that Cameron's visit to the US is expected to be a rough ride as the BP oil spill and the terrorist release is expectd to feature high on everyone's agenda.

    I fully agree with the US's environmental concerns and acknowledge we would feel the same if a US company caused the same damage to the UK cost. It is right that BP are held to account if found to be at fault as should any US company also involved found to be at fault. In the case of the release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, I believe we should hold an inquiry and make the findings public. The relatives on both sides of the Atlantic deserve to know the truth good or bad.

    However, we are a sovereign country in our own right and not another US state. How would the US react if we demanded the attendance of Obama before a Select committee in the UK? They would be insulted! Why are Cameron and Hague jumping to the tune of Obama's internal political agenda and a number of a primadona senators?

    I feel very strongly that all this does is add weight to us being the US’s poodle. Lets be confident and speak up for ourselves – invite the good senators over to the London Edinburgh parliaments if that is what they want, but don’t commit yourself to a get together with the senators unless you have had lessons from George Galloway or you can be sure Obama won’t just keep you on hold in the Whitehouse waiting room for you to be ambushed by the press.

    Perhaps I am being a little over sensitive and being whipping boy for internal US politics is just part of the price we have to pay for our special relationship with the USA?

    What do other people think?

  2. Who is Haig?? General Douglas???

    ...and who is Camaron......

    ...and what special relationship?

  3. There is no special realtionship.
    Obama might treat the UK as if we are all "special" but thats as far as it goes.
  4. The US does have a very 'special' relationship, but it is with Israel, not the UK.
  5. The rig was American owned....
  6. I am probably going to be disappointed but I like to believe that Cameron will have a Hugh Grant moment as in "Love Actually". I suspect he has more gonads than we give him credit for. I said, I'll probably be disappointed!
  7. My guess is that Cameroon will smile, shmooze and smarm O'Barmy then come home and dish him up a big fuckoff pill and get on with his job here.
  8. Not at all. BP is a partly British company needs to puts its house in order and if anything No 10 is being way too mild with the buggers, it should be holding their feet to the fire.

    BP is an important economic part of UK PLC but it's also embarrassed London badly. There is more at stake than furiously lobbying shareholders who should be furious with the company. BP's has through a series of off industry norm mishaps justifiably become a byword for reckless incompetence across the pond and that's very bad for the whole British brand in a very large market.

    The al-Megrah affair is a national disgrace, even a hint that No 10 was BP's servant in the matter damages Britain's main alliance, we put a lot of chaps in harms way mainly to sustain it.
  9. I suppose this may not be helpful to the 'special relationship', but if I was Cameron I would be talking about

    Bhopal disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    also I would remind the US media/politicians that BP is 45% American owned.

    As regards to the release of al-Megrah and the constant calls for a government inquiry by Ms Clinton (vile parasite that 'it' is) I would also ask her how her two best Oirish mates McGuiness and Adams are doing. Also remind that repugnant waste of DNA that it was the worst terrorist atrocity on British soil, so we do actually care about it...

    ... bloody Yanks
  10. Yes they are acting like poodles. Nothing new there, when USA says jump our PM etc ask how high.

    The Americans now sniff a deal in the wind over a BP oil contract, but they are pointing their ammo at the wrong target.

    Like everybody else I remember that scene in the desert, when oor Tony was just off the plane and he was all over Gaddafi like a wet rag. Hugging him like a long lost brother, almost knocking him other over in his excitement.

    Blair was touting for business. Make no mistake. You get Megrahi back, and then we sign the billion dollar oil contracts.

    Why was there no mention of Blair and the role of the Labour Government in yesterday's talks? Cameron is hiding behind the Scottish Government, blaming them, and yet the fact is MacAskill kept Megrahi in jail two years longer than the Labour Government would have done.

    So why is Obama wasting his time attacking the Scottish Government, when Blair is the man they want to talk to? If Blair and the Labour Government had their way, Megrahi would have been released in 2007.

    MacAskill released Megrahi on compassionate grounds. You might not agree with it, and that is perfectly understandable, but it was a decision that had to be made, and he made it. It's in the past and Megrahi ain't coming back.

    Fact; Obama said at the time of Megrahi's release that it was a wrong decision. Fact; Obama made a u-turn and downgraded his choice of words on the release to 'objectionable'.

    Fact; Hilary Clinton threw a wobbly too. Fact; a week later Hilary Clinton phoned Kenny MacAskill and apologised to Kenny MacAskill for her outburst.

    I don't think we need to be too concrened into what the Obama administration says if they are going to keep changing their minds.

    The funniest part or was it the saddest part from Cameron was the promise by him to have his cabinet secretary to investigate and release the documents behind the decision to release Al Magrahi!
    Come again?
    Might sound good for the Americans, but is actually a load of guff.
    1. Anything and everything that the Scottish Government has done has been released, except the papers which the UK and the US Governments have refused to reveal.

    2. The UK Cabinet Secretary does not have any jurisdiction in Scottish Government matters.

    Al Magrahi, who does have Prostate Cancer and is finally running out of time. He has been sent home from hospital, where he was receiving treatment. He has been sent home, not because he is getting better, but because they cant do anything more for him and he is now receiving paliative care.
    Anyone familiar with cancer patients, will realise is that Al Magrahi is on his final time. Although the original prognossis was for 3 months, he has been able to stretch it out. Cancer has that habit of not being predictable once it has established itself but the one outcome is always certain, a friend of mine was given 2 months to live 2 and half years later he is still here.
  11. interview with old "fishy" Salmond on Newsnight last night and he comes out with a couple of interesting comments about the now PM and Americans not saying anything about the PTA when it was brought in and now jumping all over it.

    BBC News - Newsnight - Salmond defends Lockerbie decision
  12. Watching the "Barack" & "Dave" " laugh in" yesterday evening, "Your kids are tidier than my kids etc" , it would appear that WE (the Brits) are still the bestest mates of THEM, (the septics) and still have ALL the same views on, apparently, everything! So there!?! If they can be believed that is!?!
  13. It seems that Cameron is playing politics brilliantly. Make friends with Obama and the Americas, show the British as the good guys and generally beef up UK Plc in the states (which is exactly what is needed right now). The special relationship may be waning, but we can get a few more years out of it yet.

    Going in as a block headed buffoon doesn't do us any good.
  14. What really strikes me is how naive Obama and the rest of the yanks can be.

    Only they could believe that BP could approach the Labour UK Government to do a deal on Megrahi........................and that an SNP Scottish Government would agree!

    Or more simply................if London said black, Edinburgh will say white.
  15. Is it just possible that our Prime Minister told the President that we're leaving Afghanistan anyway? That we simply can't afford, financially, a pointless war? That the President knows full-well that without UK on side the other allies will pull out?

    As I've mentioned in another thread: "BY 2015" isn't the same as "IN 2015".

    My bet is that money will change hands, favourable press releases will congratulate all concerned for a job well done, and our lot will be home in 18 months.