Are C2s being hidden away?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cable, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Shipping down to Winchester in a few weeks for phase 1 so I'm hanging round arrse a bit more frequently to lap up any extra info, and I just came across this subsection and wished I'd found it earlier :\

    Anyway, I'm going in as a Tank Crewman which looks like heaps of fun etc etc however I've heard some rumours floating around that a great deal of Challenger II's are being done away with and put into storage. Can anyone shed some light on this rumour because it seems a bit daft to me that I'm going in as a tank crewman but there's no tanks to crew.

    Cheers in advance.

    -- Cable
  2. There was another thread on this quite recently,but yes it looks like no toys for the boys,go Recce,lots of running around and hiding!

    All the best!
  3. It's called 'Whole Fleet Management' (WFM), a unit only gets the minumum of vehs to train on! Then when it deploys on operations it gets its full compliment. The concept has some floors IMHO, long gone have crews got thier own vehicle to look after, get to know and give some TLC! :x Now they just draw it from a depot, drive it like they stole it and then after the minimum amount of maint return it! :pissedoff: Oh and BTW it is happening fleet wide so whatever you decide to do..........Armd or Recce it will affect you!!! :D
  4. Ah, so thats what's going on. Bit of a bummer to hear though considering the sergeant at my ACIO said that I'd be put into a crew with our own tank etc.

    Oh well, nothing I can do about it apart from grin and bear it. No doubt I'll have a great time rolling around in a Scimitar or a Challenger.

    Thanks for the replies,

    -- Cable
  5. One piece of advice mate try and get a trade from the army Sigs or Engineers or REME then you have got something to fall back on. Being a RAC soldier is not as good as it once was, as when you go away on ops we very rarely deploy which challengers anyway. So you will end up doing an Infantry or Mech Infantry role. I think (and it is only my personal opinion) that the heavy tank will become obsolete due to the logistic difficulties in deploying them.
    Anyway good luck im sure you will enjoy the army its mint!
  6. Sorry but the " get a trade line" has been pushed at people since the army began. The world is full of dissapointed people who joined the army and " got a trade" only to regret it because they never did in the army what they really wanted to do. There is no demand for ex tank commanders in civvie street but I'm doing a lot better than some ex REME vehicle mechanics that I know.

    Let everyone make their choice and learn by whatever mistakes they make in life. Joining the army ( whatever branch) is unlikely to be one of life's mistakes.
  7. If you insist on trotting out this sensible advice, you're going to be asked to remove all reference to gunnery :pukel: from your signature.
    Don't say you haven't been warned!
  8. Cheers for the advice everyone. My grandad was in the REME and he tried talking me round to getting a trade because no one wants a tank driver in civvie street but to be honest I find tanks a lot more interesting than being an engineer. I know things like Challenger II's being put into storage puts a bit of a dampener on things but I'm sure I'll have a good time nonetheless.

    Cheers again,

    -- Cable