Are Britons sarcastic?


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Britons, sarcastic?

I'm utterly gobsmacked.
Am in before the Hole or the lock?

No, it's the Germans who have sarcasm down to a fine art, they're not known as Europe's Comedians for nothing.
British subtext: Half of Americans wouldn’t be able to tell that a Briton is calling them an idiot
January 10, 2019, 6:00 p.m.

True dat.

The word 'w@nker' and Americans: Observed and practical personal experience:

1. A chap in Florida was convinced that w@nker was a compliment.
2. I went postal on a bloke at the range for safety issues, not our bloke on the range, another one. The word w@nker was liberally being thrown around by me at this utter mong who stood there with a blank, clueless, look on his face. My mate Danny wanders up to the bloke and whispers in his ear, "****** ain't a good word, its 10 times worse than being an asshole so you should be taking him (thats me) seriously and probably listen and nod a bit". Danny is an ex-marine who knows the score having done a bit with the shakey's.

You also hear British actors ad-libbing and throwing Brit abuse around on telly prog's and interviews and it goes straight over the heads of Americans.
Well you are Brits, it is what you do. It’s all quite interesting really, but feigned politeness to mask the desire to throat punch somebody is a waste of time.

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