Are British police incompetent?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Recently shown on TV was a video where US police surrounded a car then started firing through the windows. Cue policemen running away as they realised that they were shooting at each other.

    The driver (who was killed - hardly surprising given the hail of bullets) hadn't put up any sort of resistance other than to fail to stop when requested. The "chase" (seemingly at speeds of up to 10mph) was nothing less than spectacular - the driver even stopped at red lights.

    I suspect that Trip_Wire would have been embarrassed at their performance.
  2. At least US cops have guns and can tell the muzzle from the trigger unlike the bobbies in the UK.
  3. So one policeman shoots himself in the foot and the police service are incompetent. I suppose that's called extrapolation is it?
  4. I beleive that retard trying to shoot a snake out of a tree deserves to have one put in the back of his skull for killing a five year old. However the way your going about posting that story in a tit for tat exchange is also a tad bit uncouth. Its one thing to use a retard shooting himself in the foot, but its a bit sad that your going to use the death of a 5 year old to try to prove a point.
  5. Take your point and I apologise for any insensitivity.

    My intention was to remind everyone that no single incident should necessarily tar the remaining individuals with the same brush.

    We can all recall incidents this side of the pond (Brazillian electrician; copper shot on the ranges by a colleague etc etc) but it seems that the Colonies have similar incidents occurring every day. I accept that this is likely to be because of the high number of armed officials with a higher potential for genuine accidents. BUT it would appear to be that there is a frighteningly higher proportion of 'errors of judgement'.

    However, working in law enforcement in a country where every member of the public has access to concealable shooters means that EVERY interaction between them has a potential 'tits up' factor built in from the start! Therefore, I fully respect the desire to play safe and empty a mag at the first sign of trouble. I bloody would!

    I'm not attempting to bait, although on reflection I seem to have risen to the bait in the original post. Doh!
  6. Yes I agree freedom, incidents like this happen all the time all over the place. Yes human judgement (or lack thereof) is the reason why alot of these things happen. However the DEA guy was classic.
  7. Judging from threads such as this and not trying to create a controversy where none exists, if the cops in Britain can't be trusted to handle a simple pistol without causing themselves irreparable harm, who can be?

    Boggles the mind. Really does.
    So, DD, one Cop has an ND and the other 240,000 or so are incompetent? The law of averages means that if you give a fallible human a gun there will be ND's. If a squaddie has an ND does that mean his whole unit are crap? No, of course not. So what exactly is the point of your post?
  8. Gelert said

    None I suppose. Not trying to paint all the coppers with too broad a brush but it just seems to me, in all my ignorance, that in this day and age not to arm law enforcement officers as a general rule is rather taking it beyond the pale.

    Maybe gun crime is not too much of a problem in London (and for that congratulations) but for safety's sake, shouldn't the police have some kind of firearms's training as a matter of routine?
  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I guess my questions would be:

    1. Why had he got live ammo there in the first place?
    2. Why did he not ensure [properly] that the pistol was unloaded?
    3. Who was using his brain that day?

    I used to run a lot of courses involving handguns ... starting with a 5 minute safety exercise ensuring that all live rounds were under MY control, behind the desk, and that every student checked his buddies' pistols for his OWN safety [= make them worry about safety]. I also used a white metal Browning or Colt replica as my training aid, shown clearly to the students as such so they knew the thing pointing around the room was harmless.

    However, the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" is appropriate. 8)
  10. Probably not a good time to raise the alleged fines administered to coppers by their mates for leaving weapons unattended :roll:
  11. Possible answers for blue..

    1. To drop the hammer on any unsuspecting dealer...... Ya never know when your classroom setting might go astray.... Seriously I have no clue why he would be bring live rounds into a setting like that...

    2. Your right he was to cocky and did not check to ensure that the weapon was unloaded, thank christ he shot himself rather than a student.

    3. I believe he donated his Brain to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, he def deserves the N for knowledge that day.
  12. Generally British Police are poor, however there are some good coppers out there, but too few to make a difference.

    I have alot of respect for the N. American Police forces as they do appear to Police correctly.

    Possibly one of the few things the Brits could learn from this side of the Atlantic.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    WTF have you been smoking :D