Are Boards Fair??

A board sat to consider 5 Majors for 3 senior jobs.

The board scored all 5 contenders based on CRs/OJARS and No 1, No 2 and No 4 got selected.

Does No 3 have any grounds for appeal and who does he appeal to?

Are there ground for a redress?

Angry or what? I was the No 3!!

I think you would find it very difficult to appeal against the decision of the board, as you have stated each candidate was selected against CR/OJARS. This should have given you potentially the same chance as all the other candidates for selection, thus you were not discriminated against.

As for redress, what are you going to redress? If your OJARS was incorrect or the RO was bias due to personal differences then you may have a case but this should have been brought to the attention of the chain of command at the time the OJAR was written. If you felt that the OJAR was a fair reflection of your work and potential but you feel that there was a reason for a poor area then the correct procedure would be too submit a representation with the OJAR, expressing the details of the area in question.

You can however, take away a valuable lesson from this experience though….. Next time you have to write a CR/OJAR the importance of an honest fair appraisal should be at the forefront of your mind.

Better luck next time..

Thanks for the reply. You seem to know abit about these boards. Would it be that I was not seleceted because my PES is "LE"? Would this be a factor?

The post was a Staff post which I had been doing for 3 years in my Bn anyway and the reason for the boards was the merging of 5 Bns into 3 Bns.

What was most annoying was that I was never told and have only just found out because No 5 had submitted a redress for himself and under the "discovery" rules he has obtained the score sheet and advised me of its contents.

Sorry old chap, not that knowledgeable on the issues at hand, just what I’ve managed to pick up throughout my service. If you feel you were discriminated against due to the fact you are an LE, then this may be grounds for an appeal. However some jobs are reserved for DE commissions but these are normally Comd jobs rather than Staff posts.

As an LE can you not ask for a career profile from MCM Div, as this would then ensure that the same information divulged to candidate No5 is divulged to yourself, thus allowing you to question direct the reasons for your non-selection.

Good Luck…
Titanic, I think you've missed the point a bit here; TZA's medical condition means that he's only employable in Line of Communication Everywhere posts, that's where LE comes from. It isn't some sort of anti ex-WO1 discrimination policy. But the answer to TZA's question, 'Are Boards Fair?' is NO they aren't particularly fair, and like anything else that involves the human factor, there is a reasonable amount of luck involved in selections for appointments and promotions. But having sat on a few boards myself I would defy anyone to come up with a fairer system...

Thanks for your input. What annoys me is that even with my eye condition, (I had an op to correct short sightedness) I was better than No 4 and 5 in the pecking order and would have thought that boards accepted the "first past the post" principle. So if I was No 3 on the score sheet why did I not get one of the three posts?

What made the board choose the next in line? Who said what to influence them. The more I think about this the angrier I am getting. I have been denied a post which I dearly wanted and have been sidelined into a post that has no future career progression for me.

I was even faced with the prospect of going out until 4 days before merger when they offered me my current post. I suppose I'm supposed to be greatful to be still serving...
Hmmm, I see why you're angry.

Grading sheets tend to be retained in most MCM Divs, so there's a chance that other material might be kept too. Keep on at them, don't take no for an answer - and good luck...


Sometimes age is a factor on boards, they may take a candidate with a lower score if he or she is older. The idea is that the older person gets a promotion that the higher scoring but younger person can get in the future.

Not always fair but an attempt to give everyone as much of a chance as they can. Perhaps they have you in line for this job next.

We all knock boards (especially if we're not on them) but has any one got a better solution??

Yes you may have a point, the No 4 (who was chosen) is older than me by a few years, but I thought age selection/deselection was illegal ?

As for keeping me in mind for the job in time - don't think so. Once passed over always passed over seems to be the "unwritten rule"

Oh well ! Errrrr.
Not necessarily. A chap I know appears to have been passed over (for a commission) on exactly these grounds. Cold comfort to him, although he has come round now. The problem is that the boards are so bloody opaque - you only get the info if you ask and you fear that by being a member of the awkward squad you can tarnish your future prospects.

In his case, a post-it note was put on his CR book. You can bet that the post-it is long gone and not in the files now.

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