Are BFG Pads wives the fattest in the world??

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Danny_Dravot, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Yes theres more Bingo Wings in BFG than the local Mecca

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  2. Nope its just because LCpl Fcuknuts is so scrawny the Frau looks bigger

  3. Maybe but Pads wives are pretty sturdy everywhere

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  1. I reckon they are, too many bratties, cheap booze and excessive Sky watching. What are your thoughts?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    That is why we get issued LOA. So that our wives and sit at home or in the local McDonalds stuffing burgers into their face.

    Its just not their fault, it is our fault that we drag them away from home, into a foreign land where it is impossible to get a decent curry. Beer is too cheap (as is alcopops) so they are pressured into drinking and eating in order to make up their loss in life.

    Its called comfort scoffing. Anyway there is no chassis limit on the Autobahn so we don't have to worry about their weight. Also if we 'loved' enough to bring them out to Germany, it is what is on the inside that counts......apparently.

    Get on a diet, go to the Gym and stop blaming it on your hormones/genetics.pregnancy/etc.... my wife lost all the excess after pregnancy so they can to.
  3. Plenty of this sort of thing lurking around the fringes of Salisbury Plain as well... :D
  4. Its the ron hills and white sillettos, not forgetting the tank tops bearing the midriff for all to see that makes it look worse I am sure. A little make over with flowery dresses etc would make it a bit more soothing to the eyes.

    No sack it, a big fcuking sack cloth would do the trick.
  5. What like... lard and squaddie spunk?
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Its not tank tops old boy, its their husbands last op tour T-Shirt whilst pushing twin buggy around the NAAFI MAx with a Lamber & Butler dangling out their mouth saying things like:

    "Oi, Britney get your fackin little cheeky butt back here, you can't have no sweeties, put 'em back. How can I 'ave me stella if you go round eatin' sweets, eh?"
  7. Maybe not the fattest but definitely the most accommodating!

  8. Yep, they are all sisters upside down in the shower.......................but there is no room for ME!
  9. Why are their arms so big? How much lard do you need to consume iot get arms like that?
  10. "Nip over the offy and get us a beer to go with these bratties will ya......oh, and flick the TV over to SKY Sports before you go. Can you get me some pommes mit mayo as well.........and some of them frikadelle things"
  11. and 20 superkings for chelsey and kylie
  12. You should know!
  13. LOA = Local Overwieght Allowance
  14. or..... Loads Of Arrse
  15. No chance, not when you've got the Americans for competition. Seen more than a few women with what we nicknamed 'the Sheboygan Arrse' - looks OK on top, until you get to hip level, then splays all over the place. Size 10 on top of size 20, really weird!