Are Army injections linked to leukaemia???

I've recently been interested in the amount of cases I have heard of Soldiers being diagnosed with leukaemia.
It may all be rumour and heresay or alot of ARRSE, but it is quite unnerving.

The link seems to be the injections they have received before mobilisation ( and I don't just mean Anthrax ) out to the Gulf and other hot and sunny places.

(Humour encouraged, but only people who have or had cancer can tell the sick jokes!)

Cheers! 8O
Actually, I'm in the Signals myself with 95 Sqn . I'm only asking because when i got diagnosed alot of people seemed to know of people in the same situation as myself. I just wanted to see if it was all a load of B****CKS or f there was something to it.
Irish Doris.

I need you to provide some form of identity confirmation. It does smell a bit of fishing exped , and I am loath to do this, but I think you understand , your situation could be mis-used by other parties, and it has the potential to cause a drama , and not in a positive direction unfortunately.

In the meantime I'd advise you to look at back copies of Soldier , there was another Leuk case reported some time ago, and detailed the victim's fight back to fitness. An AAC WO as I remember?

I think it would be better , if you just asked if there are any other sufferers out there , rather than start to build what looks like a class action against the MoD right off the bat?
Soz you guys. I know i've no chance of doing anything like that to the MOD ( see gulf war syndrome) . I was just interested to see who else it has affected and how they are doing now. How do you get old copies of soldier. There's always old copies lying about in the squadron office, but how do you get a specific one. Can you order one?

If you want to email me i can give you any proof you like as to who i am - service no etc or which units i've been with.

I appologise to all concerned, but i will not hang my head in shame. I have come through alot and i'm on my way to regaining my fitness and i wanted a bit of inspiration from others it may have affected who are still in.

In the mean time , for a wee bit of proof, you can check out any old articles about 35 Sig Regt running in the great north run in aid of leukaemia research because of what happened to me

It would be good to hear from anyone who is interested. We can exchange some witty banter etc etc

Cheers xox :)
ID I was on Telic 1 and had a RR Op full screw with us as an augmentee. Good fella. If you know who I'm talking about, PM me to establish you bonafides, and BTW I got the full cocktail for Telic (didn't take NAPS though cos I thought they'd make me fart) and I'm as unfit and ugly as ever I was

I think I've still got the copy banging about somewhere. Some others here may remember it , he started off with what he thought was a persistent chest cold and then got the bad news.

I'll have a look later , to get you the date of issue. As I say , I am loath to censor you for obvious reasons but if Guru can ok you?


PS I'm a she

Sorry again PTP. If you want details send me a pm or something

xox ;o)
Your gruff voice confused me. You sound like Bonnie Tyler. Must be the injections :lol:
Good one!

My bonnie tyler voice may be due to all the cigarettes i've smoked over the years.
Although people say i sound more like Bernard (Manning) than Bonnie

tee hee

Cheers xox ;o)
thanks. I'm at the stage now where i'm feeling better and have to get off my arrse and exercise to get fit again.

I'm doing a walk / jog programme to get myself back up to speed. And i mean it's more walk than jog at this early stage. But i'll get there

Cheers xox ;o)
Thanks Guru , craic on Irish :D
Walk jog programmes...they work! If yours is courtesy of Headley Court, its very effective, if frustrating. Go for the swimming and cycling options to keep your morale up in between. And're Irish!
Slainte ma hon colleen.

you guys!

Thanks for all the support. My walky/jog thing is actually from 'Running made Easy'. But i'd be very interested in the Headly Court one you were talking about. Info??

Cheers! xox ;o)

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