Are AMD and ATI About to Become Extinct?

The old war between ATI and NVIDIA may be coming to an end as ATI steps farther and farther away from game developers and he gaming community, and not having any leading edge technology other than DX 10.1 as an appeal, combined with limited games with the ATI logo are becoming more noticeable every new game launch. NVIDIA has now introduced PhysX technology that works exclusively on NVIDIA VGA cards and that combined with their gaming partnerships will propel them ahead of ATI by offering more bang for the buck across the board. I fear we may be seeing the end of ATI, much sooner than expected. Their All In Wonder division has been sold off due to poor internal support and lack of top end leadership, and John Swimmer the one man who was always the sole of the project will be sorely missed by many of us in the industry, hats off to you mate if you read this. ATI is slipping fast, and if they cannot license or develop their own type of PhysX engine and start working with the media and gaming companies, they will sink even faster by way of the natural state of the current financial situation unfolding here on American soil and where people will be willing to spend their money.

AMD also an underdog, are also losing steam and even the introduction of a fancy new CPU is barely keeping the ship afloat in a wave of Intel based systems dominating the entire market from top to bottom with AMD barely a player in the big game anymore. This is not entirely their fault, the world and the PC world at large is a changing beast, one that has shrunken down as more and more people own PCs. Well Bill Gates has his wish, and just about everyone has some type of computer in their house, which being said means the amount of PC components being consumed by consumers has slowed down to a trickle of the market it once was. Less consumption with less demand for new parts has gotten the supply and demand market reeling in shock as the supply for parts is overwhelming and the demand has slowed down to a fraction of what it was five years ago.

Here is the killer for AMD though; the PC parts being sold are majorly bought by enthusiasts and the overclocker's, one market Intel owns in this time frame for the high-end CPU market. Sure there are some low end system being sold to the low end, and strictly email Sally, Joe word user market, but this is not where the profits are by any means. Overclocker's and enthusiast users always want the best and fastest CPUs with the most features and headroom for overclocking and Intel is the choice CPU for this market. Now, when you have control of the high-end CPU market that is where the profits are these days as the people who tweak out and Overclock the hell out of their CPUs are the majority buyer. Both ATI and AMD have lost touch with the core market and the people who helped get them where they are today and that is going to be a big mistake on their part. With Intel now working with NVIDIA, AMD chipsets, never the greatest of motherboard chipsets in any case will fade even further from the end user market as NVIDIA and Intel unleash a series of X58 motherboards, motherboards that offer better features and Overclock options than anything AMD currently has on the market. So now both the high-end chipset and CPU market are owned by Intel and NVIDIA, both the sole competitors in the ATI/AMD struggle for dominance. Are AMD and ATI about to become extinct? My money says if they do not change their Modus operandi very soon they will follow so many companies that have fallen off the map due to bad public relations and loss of sales. For many years I favored ATI over NVIDIA for many reasons such as their better overall visual quality and their ability to offer better text in XP. Lately though I have seen a change in NVIDIA. Text in Windows Vista has better and clearer text when using an NVIDIA based VGA card and now with PhysX and 3D gaming in hand, I admit my system now sports an NVIDIA card, something that has not been seen since the launch of the 9700 back in 2002. As famous poet once said; All good things must come top and end. I hope ATI gets back in the game so to speak, but only time will tell if they can rebound and make a play.
Do i think AMD and Intel have become stagnant in there products, yes. Clock speeds and cache levels havnt changed like they once did, they are essentially tweaking current schematics. But at the same time we are reaching the point with current technology where the next step up is smaller than the previous and harder to obtain. When both companies went down to 45nm the rules of how the circuitry worked just did not fit, they had to re-write alot of their understanding which had survived years without major edit.

Also take into account the ever present "swings and roundabouts". I can remember when a gamer would not touch Intel as they were rubbish for games, AMD ruled true and Intel was for multimedia number crunching. Overclockers like high clock speeds, but clock speeds are not the be all and end all of computing. Wait for future cycles of products and see how things change, especially once the AMD/ATi restructuring has taken effect where you will have a dedicated design house and a dedicated fabricator working together.

Also, purely cutting and pasting an existing article outside of quotations and no comment is bad show old boy :wink:
The new Phenoms seem to show that AMD is begining to find its feet again with their new CPU designs. Plus ATi are also starting to play in the area that they once dominated with the 4850 and 4830 cards. JUst because nvidia can keep banging out the Big showy number crunchers that fling the graphics around at speeds that the human eye cant comprehend doesnt mean that the sales are going to be great. The money has always been in the Midrange and thats where ATi have placed themselves nicely with good products at a reasonable price. I will admit they did seem to fumble the ball a bit but things will come back, Also Intel are trying to make a come back in the graphics department with the idea of real time raytracing.


I agree that AMD may have dropped the ball a little getting tied up in their acquisition of ATI. Theyve been behind for a little while now but as previously stated, their mid range cards are SOLID and offer the bang for buck that consumers want.

I think NVidia are going to haemorrage cash if they don't start to compete on price. With people wanting to be wiser with their money, mid range sales will be the sweet spot for their marketers and ATI hold this ground.

As far as AMD CPUs go, I still think theyre a full step behind Intel because of taking in ATI, but I think they could very well catch up soon.

I moved from an AMD Socket 939 / NVidia 7900GTX based PC to an Intel C2D (3Ghz) / NVidia 8800 GTX about 6 months ago. I wont ever buy bleeding edge tech components as they depreciate more than cars!

THe new Intel X58 chipset is a good step forward for both companies as it supports NVidia and ATI multi GPU technology and gives the consumer some choice. I just wish they could manufacture a CPU socket that both companies would support and let the consumer make the choice of what they put into it to go with supporting both graphics technologies.
I had a amd card but went nvidia 8800 gt because the thing kept overheating and leaving the screen chequered,several friends had same problems with AMD cards.

still have s939 amd dual core just went nvidia graphics .Never liked intel for some reason but the new intels are hard to beat for power ,richer friends have all gone quad core intel ,all were amd users before .
Overclockers and enthusiasts make up 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the market. Money is in the mid range graphics card segment and lower end cpus. Ati are have been very solid in the mid range gfx card market for the past 2-3 years. Who the hell needs a quad core 4ghz, 6gb ram to do office work or send granny emails and visit face book? Integration of the cpu and gpu onto one die will be the next big step and I think they are better positioned for that than nvidia. Intel will do it's own thing.

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