Are allotments of pay still possible?

As a SSAFA caseworker, I'm wondering whether it is still possible to make an allotment to an alternative account direct from pay, please? It would help a couple I am working with if they could do this to ensure that priority bills are paid from a separate account from the commercial debts.


Yes, this can be done by the SP (Sevice Person) on JPA under Self Service, the SP would have to input the account details and an amount or percentage of pay (if done as either then further allotments would have to be input the same i.e if Bank Allotment 2 input as an amount then Allotment 3 would also have to be input as an amount and Visa Versa), this should take effect on the next monthly Pay Run. His RAO should be able to guide him through the process or the SP can look at the buisness process guides on the JPA splash screen.

Hope this helps.




...unless of course it is to a foreign bank account in which case the unit HR chaps have to sort it out on your behalf.

Not even sure if you can alter the amounts on the self-service pages for the foreign bank a/c.


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