Are all the good operators leaving before their time?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by corpsxdresser, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. The weak sign off, leaving the better Operators to advance through the ranks.

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  2. The best ones leave early, leaving the unmotivated to be promoted by default!

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  3. The proportions are fairly even, so im on the fence.

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  1. This cropped up in the thread below, (Re: Recruits - train them all or select the best ones?) thought its worthy of its own poll. Should be interesting!
  2. Interesting. I see most people are like me - on the fence!
  3. i wonder if the one person (so far) who has voted for the middle option is perhaps an ex-member (and obviously according to them one of the best :eek:)? either that or they are confessing to being unmotivated and only getting promotion by default... :?
  4. Are all the good operators leaving before their time? I'd say not - I'm still serving!!!!

  5. corpsxdresser, can you please add a fourth option to the poll? it should read:

    "the weak sign off, the lucky ones get promoted by a random annual lottery, and the very best operators soldier on bravely, stoically, loyally and without reward, despite being overlooked year after year after year by glasgow" :lol:
  6. Nicely put, the one consistent thing about the annual lottery is that it's random!!!
  7. Indeed. The poll is flawed as I forgot to factor in 'the glasgow effect'.
  8. No! Shock gasp horror!

    Int Corps members on the fence? Allegedly.

    Come on Crossdresser, we all know you want to leave, stop looking for moral support, you wont get it on here! :lol:.
    Anyone who cant even consider looking outside of the Corps are already a lost cause and are institutionalised. Who would want to employ someone like that? We are still (allegedly) the top 3rd of the Army which means that we have a brain that we can use. Our skills are in demand in civi street at the moment (since 9/11 really) with more opportunities opening up all the time.

    I think there should be another choice in the poll: Who has had enough of limp wristed management, continuous OP tours and wants to leave? Anyone who answers yes to this should leave to make room for people that still enjoy the job and just want to get on with it.

    Yes, I am biased as I am leaving!

    How are the Koalas?
  9. Well, glad to see your time on the fence was limited :):):)

    I must admit, as I spend more time in the company of corps members, the more I see senior ones deciding their time is done and leaving. If Iam honest, every one I know who was half decent and left, has pretty much instantly walked into a good, well paid job.

    I think I stay in because I am crap and hoping my number will come up in the lottery..... Sniff....
  10. couple of my best mates got out years ago. one is very successful, runs his own company. the other is earning about £10k less than me a year, though he can boost it a bit with commission.

    both very good operators, both got out after experiences with sh*t officers and man management nightmares. but i've seen how it can go both ways (oo-er). so i'm scared to get out ;)
  11. From people I talk to, that is actually quite a retention factor for the army. If you could apply for a job and then leave, I suspect more people would do that. The 12 month notice (however strictly enforced it may be) is a good deterrent as I think you need a fair bit of confidence and financial stability to say "sod this guaranteed income, I'll chance my hand on the job market" :)

    Add toi which, after a lance jack tour in Germany who has financial stability........ :)
  12. good point. i swear the army encourages us to drink and buy expensive electrical items whilst young and stupid, in order that we build up massive debts and are too financially f*cked to give up that guaranteed monthly income! best retention measure going - massive monthly outgoings :?.
  13. Agreed. Life is pretty comfortable on the army payroll.

    But on the 12 months thing, itsnt there a new system, which allows an earlier exit on the condition that you already have a job lined up? Or is that rumour control?

    And funky: Heh heh, youre sh*te anyway! I reckon you're for mcdonalds.

    PS: I didnt mean that, if you get a big bucks job and have need of big bucks subordinates, don't forget me eh buddy?
  14. he's more likely to get Starbucks than big bucks!
  15. Fukc you both!

    CR, I'll flip you a whopper at Burger King anytime (with my very own special sauce)!! I'm also going to crimp one off on the bonnet of a certain dark blue Merc.................

    Xdresser, you old tart, you wont need me when you decide to leave. You'll be able to knock Andy McNabb off the list of top sellers with your stories, with titles such as:

    "I sat opposite the blushing kiddy fiddler - and survived" - He got 6 months in Colly and 7 years on a certain offenders list by the way.

    "A Koala ate my boxers"

    "Granny Section clerks in latex: A how to guide"

    "Bravo Two G-Unit"