Are all scout masters kiddy fiddlers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Just caught the Karl Winn Webeurope thread on arrse and was genuinely shocked by the fear that the sight of his business premises aroused in fellow arrsers. Apparently it is the juxtaposition of the paedophile positive discrimination of his recruitment policy coupled to the scout hut architecture which arouses the fear.

    924000 hits for scout master abuse on bing, versus 6140000 for priests...

    So over to the brethren...should our children be prepared, be very prepared?
  2. No one messes with my toggle.
  3. A scout master in Germany was looked into very closely by thte RMP/SIB a while back. He was a wrongun, but nothing was ever, therefore he's possibly not a paedo.

    But I don't trust 'em, that and AI's ;)
  4. Is that what your woggle became, after he'd played his 'special' game?
  5. But I'd love him to mess with my woggle.
  6. dib dib dibbed to get dob dobbed dobbed?
  7. my scoutmaster never actually touched me.

    just placed me in the cornor and masturbated over me.......
  8. Any organisation that attracts kids will also attract their 'admirers', be it scouts, cadets or the junior football league.
  9. Are all scout masters kiddy fiddlers?

    Only the ones that failed Catholic selection.
    'Scouting for boys' bit of a vague instruction.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    and the church.

    What sunami said. Its how these organisations deal with it that makes the difference.
  11. Let me see, the boss one is called Master, who also likes to wear shorts and regularly takes young boys off to remote areas for week-ends.

    Nope nothing wrong there then!

    Not like the Boys Brigade. A thoroughly wholesome organisation and backbone of society.
  12. Are you a priest cuddles? :hump:
  13. At least the scout master can't send you to hell for eternity for wanking.

    Catholic priests, they really can send you to hell.