Are All Pitbull Owners Mongs?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Ive come to the conclusion that all pitbull owners are insecure low IQ pikey fuckwit mongs , the dogs seem to be a "status dog" generally owned by drug dealers and wannbe gangster types ,why would you have a dog thats unpredictable and is known to kill other dogs , cats and even children .?
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  2. Any dog can be unpredictable.

    Unlike your posts which are predictably dull.
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  3. I've met pit bulls that were the definition of soppy, others I'd sooner shoot on sight. It's the owner who makes the dog mostly.
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  4. Says the man who asked how to get marker pen off his weapon .
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  5. Thought pitbulls were banned under the dangerous dogs act??
  6. A kid tagged his gat?
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  7. Permanent marker pen, which is a different bottle of booze altogether and, in my unwanted opinion, a very reasonable question. Marker pens are cunty things. Especially when used to draw a cock on one's forehead after one fell asleep after one too many sherbets.

    Better than 'cock' shaved in to the back of your head I suppose.
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  8. Having a Pitbull type dogs is as clichéd as wearing Burberry.

    It screams 'I want to conform because I can't think for myself and if I have one everyone will think I'm hard'

    Sad sad wankers

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  9. Says the man who responded to it ... dully.

    But OK then, sensible reply. Pitbulls are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act but as you rightly point out there are still plenty of 'crosses' in this country. That's mainly due to the ineffectiveness of the Act and the inability of the authorities to take them off the streets quicker than they can be bred. But I maintain that all dogs have the ability to be unpredictable and potentially dangerous under the wrong ownership. Irresponsible dog owners are the problem rather than the breed; any of the guard breeds are equally unpredictable and dangerous and German shepherds, rottweilers and dobermans have been responsible for many attacks. As have breeds such as collies, labradors, corgis and poodles.

    If you ever watch any of the Cesar Milan 'Dog Whisperer' shows you will see he uses pitbulls to great effect as calming dogs around dogs with issues.

    You are right of course in stating that most pitbulls in this country are owned by fuckwits. But they are moving away from them now preferring mastiffs/mastiff crosses.
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  10. Correct. The Dangerous Dogs Act was the most ill-thought out piece of populist, knee-jerk legislation imposed on the country by the Major government. Totally unenforceable, it was endlessly challenged by owners and their legal-aid solicitors who were regularly able to cast reasonable doubt on whether a dog was 100% pit bull (and other proscribed breeds) as opposed to having a bit of Staffy in it. It was always an offence to allow a dog to be out of control in a public place, but the government of the day had to be seen to react to the sensationalist drivel about 'devil dogs' in the red tops and, of course, the Daily Mail.

    To answer the OP's question directly, though, yes, all owners of Pitbulls are mongs.
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  11. I'd fight a dog, any dog.
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  12. It's the chav equivalent of a posh boys open top sports car or BMW. A penis extension for a penis.
    Personally I'm quite content to be seen out and about with our daughter's Jack Russell, although I draw the line when it comes to calling it by the name she has given it (don't ask).
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  13. My daughter has a Jack /chihuahua cross thing , if it went completely mental it might manage to molest a mouse ,I have no problem walking it even though the wife and her mates take the piss as Im a big ugly twat and the dog is minute.