Are all Labour MPs *********?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. .....another fat useless northern MP straight from the John Prescott school of etiquette.

    From The TimesJuly 2, 2008

    MP David Clelland: ‘I don't want your vote, stick it'

    His leader may be beleaguered and his party staggering through a third term in government with a stricken economy, but one backbench MP still felt able to tell a voter where he could “stick” his vote.

    Labour’s fight to regain the support of the electorate took a less conventional turn this week as David Clelland began an epistolary battle with one dissatisfied voter.

    Mr Clelland, who has represented the people of Tyne Bridge in Newcastle for 23 years, has written to one resident informing him that he had no desire for his vote in the future.

    “I accept your offer not to vote for me again,” he wrote, in bold defiance of the usual conventions that exist in communications between elected representatives and their electorate. “I do not want your vote so you can stick it wherever best pleases you.”
  2. In answer to the question, statistically it should be no, however from experience the true situation is yes they are all *********. I have yet to deal with one who actually gave a flying fcuk about hi/her constituants except of course when an election is in the offing and then its straight round to every minority group to offer them the earth in order to get their vote. God I really do despair.
  3. With the exception of perhaps Tony Benn - yep, I think the majority are arrseholes - but then, are the other lot much better?

    Edited for being so politically apathetic :oops:
  4. Bruce George (my local MP some years ago) seemed to buck the trend described above, and appeared to be generally well-regarded by his constituents, even those who wouldn't vote for him in 100 years. He also seemed to give two hoots about defence (I'm sure Gordon is delighted that he isn't the chairman of the select committee these days). Someone who knows him better might shatter the relatively favourable picture I have of him, though...

    That still leaves an awful lot of prize numpties on their benches. The clown advising his constituent to go and shove his vote somewhere may have been in breach of the spirit, if not the letter of this, I suspect....
  5. All MP's *********........99% yes
  6. Are all Labour MPs *********?

    Yep and the 'con'servatives, lib dems and anyone else with MP after their name.
  7. No. Some are cnuts.
  8. Bob Marshall-Andrews has been known to take a pretty independent line on several occasions. Not that it did him much good. But I expect we'll see a bit more of that sort of attitude now that the writing is on the wall. My local MP with a wafer thin majority has taken to virtually disassociating himself from the Labour Party. There's precious little mention of it on his web site or any of his 'communications'.
  9. LMAO

    Fcucking good answer cuddles!!!!

    How can anyone argue with that!!!

    Sheer brilliance..... :salut:
  10. I still remember that horrible speech he made prior to the Iraq war.

    He started warbling on about French cuirassiers, German uhlans and Russian imperial Cossacks riding to the defence of Saddam, in an attack on France and Germany for not supporting the war.

    I doubt he's quite as enthusiastic now though!
  11. Tony Benn was an ******** in his time.

    He has carefully exploited his image as being one of the lads, but he was as bad as the rest of them and, one could argue, worse! This is the man who cancelled the TSR2 project when we were so far ahead of the Yanks that they squealed loudly!

  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Not all ********* are Labour, but all of Labour are *********
  13. The only one I can think of who appears honest and does what she promises is Kate Hooey.

    The rest ....two-faced w@nkers of the highest order.
  14. as much as I despise Tony Benns politics he has never changed his socialist ways and I respect him for the fact that he always stands up for his beliefs and doesn't tow the party line and always thinks there is a better way to solve international disputes than going to War He is still a commie git but he is the only honest labour MP I can think of