Are all catholic priests Kiddy fidlers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tropper66, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Just caught the report on th BBC about Ex priest Bill Carney living in Scotland with over 30 complainst for child abuse against him in Ireland and the Irish police doing nothing as they do not want to offend the church, that with the recent 15000 reports of abuse from Ireland alone, and the other reports from the USA,Germany,Austria,Holland, and with inquires under way in Spain and Poland, just how much cash can the Pope afford to spread about in Compo FFS
  2. The protection that the RC church has given to these perverts - at both diocese level and Vatican level - proves to me that the church only cares about their PR image and income.

    Burn them all.
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  3. Having grown up in Ireland during the 60's… you had two options as a kid under the control of the Christian Brothers… Get tough or get abused.

    It was institutionalized, it was blatant, you could do nothing about it. They would openly target the quiet, slim, nice looking kids, I thank my genes I was a stocky git with a broken nose and a bad temper and attitude. They would even openly take their current 'target' to the toilets or a storeroom during lessons, it was that blatant and they were above the law and untouchable and they knew it.

    Sports on thursday was a day of dread for plenty of kids, they knew what was going to happen in the changing rooms and so did we… My mum could never understand why I was absolutely ferociously adverse to her constant suggestions I should try to become an alter boy bless her, she just didn't have a clue that being selected for the 'honour' of being an 'alter boy' was a guaranteed passport to being buggered senseless all week.

    The Brothers pulled out of education in return for a guarantee none of them would be prosecuted. :evil:
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    are all catholic priests kiddy fiddlers? no, not all of them by any means.

    but I'm sure they'd help out if the rest were busy.
  5. The t shirts for my school reunion had the legend "Too ugly to be tampered with by priests". Even one of the lads who became a priest wore one...
  6. They're blokes and they wear dresses. If thats not enough they're expected to remain virgins till death.
    Pretty much tells me that they're going to have to get their sexual frustrations released one way or another and sometimes, Palmela and her 5 friends dont quite do the trick.
    So in short...yep, they are :lol:
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Not by any means. I have known (not in the biblical sense :D ) a few Catholic priests for whom I have the utmost respect, although I step off with the other foot.

    What I detest are the Church's CoC who KNEW about this and did nothing about it or actively worked to protect the guilty. This, in my book, makes them worse that the actual perpatrators. Instead of stopping the practice they hid it and allowed it to continue. Utterly disgusting behaviour.

    IMHO the Catholic Church should have a wholesale clear-out of people who were involved, at whatever level, unless they were actually working to put a stop to these practices happening. Police and courts should be working overtime to get a hold of all those involved who are still alive and bringing them to justice. The victims deserve nothing less.
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  8. Probably not all of them but those that are should not be above the law. The fact that they are priests should not stop them being prosecuted and sent to prison. Is it just an irish thing? as most of them seem to come from paddy land.
  9. Are you talking about priests or members of parliment, or both
  10. Apparently not. The news today was raising the spectre of abuse in Poland, Bavaria, Italy and the Vatican itself.

    Celibacy is a discipline. One which I couldn't even hope to get a yellow belt in! However the trouble is that the church for years has failed to understand the issues attached and to equip young men for the exercise of the discipline. Apart from cold showers and prayer.

    Celibacy is not of itself a cause of abuse. However it is an area which needs positive management and advice, rather than an embarrassed shuffle and a father Ted styley description of "that sort of thing..."

    Finally as AY says, not all Catholic priests are paedos or gay. Nor indeed do they all help out when the rest are busy. Unfortunately the acts of a minority, covered up by a worried and frankly incompetent episcopacy, have tarred the priesthood with a pretty unpleasant brush. It will be a while before this situation gets resolved and it will be a lot worse before it gets better...
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  11. Celibacy equates to Public School, deny hetrosexual instincts and homosexuality and paedophilia are bound to follow.

    The urge to procreate determines the survivability of the species, mess about with it and you go against God's plan. Just don't tell the Catholics.
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  12. Read St Paul and St Augustine. Not everyone will have the character for a priestly vocation.

    I'm always left wondering how that perverted group of priests squared their actions with God (especially those who condoned/colluded when they should have been protecting the children). And what judgement do they think will come to them in the afterlife? (Or will they all rely on a Perfect Act of Contrition?)
  13. I take issue with that statement - at Bishop level and above the RC church has proven itself HIGHLY competent at hushing up abuse and protecting its own - even to the detriment of those supposedly under their protection.
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  14. Paedo Priests in the RC Church are like Lesbians used to be in the old WRAC.

    That is, the majority that the system would not challenge.

    The Roman Catholic Church is rotton to the core. (That doesn't mean the CofE isn't)