Are all Americans are thick?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by forniup, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Carefull... you are not demonstrating a sharp intellect yourself: the title of this thread makes no sense!;)
  2. Fair enuf but i am fik. Wot shud i chanje it 2

    Still funny clip though
  3. makes sense to me, asks an easy question that anyone who has ever worked with the Americans wouldnt even have to think twice about! :D
  4. Hey now, lets not alienate your big brothers across the water :)
  5. More like well meaning, but dim, cousins
  6. a lot of the poor image is from the inbred Rednecks :lol:
  7. In all truthfulnes this fellow could be a Canadian also, so possibly I am coming to the rescue right now for my slow witted brothers to the south.

    Cheers 2CB :roll:
  8. my mate works for bt and used to work on some american air bases....they used to do something (no idea what it was) that wouild get bt a few extra mil every time they did it..which they did on a weekly basis.hacked him off a bit replacing the same bloody crap every week!!!!........also the majority voted for bush and we all know how good he is:)
    anyone else got funny stories???
  9. No, but whoever wrote the title to this is.