Are Al-Jazeera conditioning the Arabs?

Al-Jazeera buys Welsh sheep show
A Welsh-language children's show featuring musical sheep is to be shown on Arabic TV channel al-Jazeera. The Middle East broadcaster has brought the rights to screen 52 episodes of S4c's The Baaas, as well as the Welsh children's show Sali Mali.

The series will be shown in Arabic in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq and in the Palestinian territories.

Anna-Lisa Jenaer, head of children's programmes at S4C International, said they were "delighted" with the deal.

"The Baaas are colourful, entertaining and ultimately fun and we're delighted they'll be reaching new audiences in the Middle East thanks to this deal with al-Jazeera," said Ms Jenaer.

The pre-school series, which will be shown on the al-Jazeera's children's channel, is described by S4C as "a live action series following the exploits of an extended family of musical, multi-racial sheep".

It follows Greek father Costas, his Welsh wife Baalween, their daughter and grandchildren - and the highs and lows of the family recycling business.

"The series gives viewers a taste of a wide range of musical styles, from opera to rap, while also placing a strong emphasis on the importance of recycling and family interaction," said an S4C spokesman.

The animated series Sali Mali is based on the 1970s children's books by Mary Vaughan Jones.

"The adventures of Sali Mali have delighted generations of Welsh youngsters, whether in book, cartoon or live action format," said Ms Jenaer.

"This sale to al-Jazeera is further proof of this delightful and engaging character's enduring appeal."
Normally I wouldn't have bothered reading such rubbish. But something deep in my psyche recalled a story from the BBC sometime ago about using Barney the Dinosaur & Sesame Street to get Iraqi's to 'fess up to crimes! (Read about it here)

Perhaps this is Al-Jazeera getting one over on the PsyOps teams by conditioning and doing some resistance to interogation training with the nippers!!! :lol:
Surely anything that demonstrates what the Welsh do to sheep could only be detrimental to livestock exports?
Maybe the choggi kids are getting some intelligence training as to what brecon looks like and why they will be very very sad when they have to invade it!

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