Are ACF officers real?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by h301593, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Wah?

    Yes you salute them, They hold a Cat C (I think) Commission, they do hold the Queens Commission so salute her.

    They cant really give you orders unless it is in direct relevance to the saftey of an army cadet
  2. Yes they are commissioned officers in the reserves.

    So yes, you do have to salute them, like it or not.
  3. They arent serving per se but they do hold the queens commission that is what you salute. Just bang up a salute they wont give you orders unless you are attached to them for some reason and attachments to work with cadets are usually voluntary, I would question why you are working with cadets if you dont like what they do.

    Wind your neck in, Salute and march smartly on
  4. Whats this ? A gobby crow STAB whining about cadet officers ?

    Let me guess, you were a cadet weren't you and now you "da" man.

    Get over it, a lot of those "'serving'- bollox" chaps are possibly ex forces of one type or another.

    :soldier: Smiley face time
  5. He still holds the Queens Commission, You dont have to respect him but you do have to respect that, If you dont like it sign off.

    TA Units should try to maintain strong and friendly links with the cadets, because suprisingly they can come in usefull and are a good source of free recruitment
  6. And?

    You salute the badge not the man.
  7. Reminds me of that urban myth of a mess orderly waking up some hated prick of an officer who demanded a salute. 'You may not respect me however it is the Queen's uniform you are saluting, not the man in it.....' he said oficiously, whereupon mess orderly about turned and saluted the guys uniform hanging on a coat hanger.....

    Bollox obviously however demonstrates the point I think
  8. Your PSAO outranks any cadet officer They only hold the rank of Lt. They have there little red book which I believe states that they can only order regular or TA soldiers to do something if it involves the saftey of cadets.

    Get over it, Adapt and overcome and accept that there are cocks in all walks of life
  9. Cat B Jerrycan.

    To the OP. Don't tar all ACF officers with the same brush. I agree, some are tools, but some have seen both regular and TA service.