Are 5 GSMR the worst Med Regt?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by FLLnurse, May 8, 2005.

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  1. I know this one has been probably done to death but as I will soon be working for 3 CS I wondered if my life is about to improve or not.

    Anyone know anything about 3CS? Are they as bad as 5? What can we expect from them?
  2. Hello FLLnurse,

    I am new. Can you tell me what is so bad about 5 GSMR?

  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just remember 'no names no pack drill'

    Oh yes, 5GS- I like them, well a couple!
  4. Can't say I have heard anything good or bad about them.....will sound out my contacts
  5. Heard they didnt do too clever on a certain inspection, anyone know different?
  6. 5 GSMR = Organised chaos

    I'm currently with 5 GS, And i must have upset someone up at records.
  7. Just left 3CSMR before they deployed to Iraq, The new CO's quite cool and trys to look after the lads but you'll see why I left when you get posted there, which sqd you going with?
  8. 5GS are ******* dogshit they are a very dangerous bunch to work with. i advise anyone attached to them to stay clear because they are incompetent and will leave you with a false impression that the army is full of *******. how they have got away with they management is shocking. i hear they are being investigated because of a high suicide rate and PVR. that pretty much tell you what a bunch of knob jockeys they are! As a regiment they should be disbanded and all their personnel should be put in a pool of water with their wrists cut and left to bleed to death. i am thinking of putting a complaint on the *******
  9. Is that a touch of negativity from you?
  10. Curtis, if they are as bad as you say, put the complaint in and maybe something will be done. Or it may just be ignored :roll: like usual :wink:
  11. Ive heard non stop bad things about 5GS and how theyve conducted business in Iraq, no ones had a good thing to say about them.
    Duty rumour is that 3 CS and 205 Fd Hosp have fallen out already (tours not even started yet!!) so it doesnt bode well for the troops who will end up on the receiving end.
    But, 3 have a new badgeman, hopefully he'll get it sorted.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. I am so glad that 5 GS are well known as a bunch of ******* I had thought that there was no hope for the RAMC if they were the standard.

    Would not be surprised to hear about the suicide rate. Anyone got any more info?

    It's the seniors that I have noticed are who are shit. Not sure about the officers not met many. Shame because some of the guys are really keen and generally good lads.

    Still it has made recruiting for the professional medical trades rather easy. There should be quite a few applications to transfer going in at Preston. Don't worry I haven't poached them all for the grey mafia some are looking at ODP and other RAMC trades!
  13. We dont accept sympathy transfers!!
  14. We do but only good looking chicks need apply :wink:
  15. I believe that caveat is being introduced to my cadre as we speak.
    D-L, cheers for Saturday :D
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