Are 1 in 7 thinking of leaving?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by COS1SigBde, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Simple poll - are you thinking of leaving?
  2. Do you think it will do any good. I mean, there's no such thing as a 'simple poll'. Is there a fair representitive group of TA soldiers on ARRSE? Are visitors to ARRSE who are TA more or less likley to answer the question one way or the other?

    We all get the 'results' from unspecified and unrepresentitive polls 'proving' one strange thing or another. But to be any real worth they have to be a poll of several thousand people. The results only prove the opinion of the people polled and nothing concrete as some people may have a reason to want to make the poll look one way or the other, not care and answer any way just to get away or not want to answer accuratly so as not to seem stupid, criminal or bigoted.

    Online polls are even less accurate as you can't even prove the independance of the poll or that one person doesn't poll several times using different ISPs.
  3. I plan to do a tour after uni then leave to concentrate on joining the full time police. Would stay in if I could but am being realistic about my time commitments especially during my training period.
  4. I'm planning to leave anyway, not because I dislike the TA for any reason, quite the opposite - I enjoyed it too much to simply let it be something I could only do on a part-time basis, hence I'm applying for a commission with the Royal Marines. I also didn't find it as challenging as I thought it would be and maybe this is an issue worth considering, that some people join up because they see it as a challenge?

    Too many factors to consider given that everyone has their own reasons for leaving / staying / joining et cetera, just giving my own.
  5. Where did you get the stats from? (1 in 7)?
  6. oh god, don't say you're now a STAB clerk, chatbox!!!!! blimey, just when we thought you couldn't get any worse :roll:
  7. Its about time you got a life and stopped following me around this forum with your witty remarks. There is no need for it i thought the army was supposed to be one big happy family, how wrong you can be.

    I only posed a question which i am quite entitled to do.
  8. are you in the TA now then? or a reg?
  9. Been in the TA since 1980 both ranks and commissioned, done operational tours, been mucked about, cheesed off, laughed so much it hurt, made and kept some of the best mates ever, lost contact with more people than can remember, whinged about it , praised it but I'm still here. It's the Army TA or REG people come and go, for whatever reason. If you join the TA now you will go on operations and a lot of people are joining it for that reason. If thats not your thing then just go and leve the rest of us to carry on enjoying what we get paid for!
  10. Yes, because it will be for the better when the TA is composed entirely of dolewallahs, students and binmen
  11. As opposed to who, spotters, poofs and wannabe's ?

    The unemployed make good attenders because they need the money, students turn up to use the showers and what's wrong with binmen you snobby tool. This is the TA not the f*cking masons, if the persons willing to give it a go and up for it why does it matter what he does in the real world.
    Don't try your hand at recruiting, its probably not your strong point....
  12. clownbasher i think you should just shorten your username to clown because you are one.
  13. Two good bites!

    What I meant is that the TA needs good people from all sorts of backgrounds. Students incidentally are no use in 1stgulfmac's scheme of things as they can't be mobilised. There are issues with the way in which the TA is now being used which can make continued membership very difficult for those with good jobs or families. If all this was to drive away those people it would not be the best thing for the TA, firstly because it would cut down on the pool of people and secondly because it would no longer have the calibre of people it needs.
  14. Yep but our window cleaner has managed to get out of everything. Students and Dolewallahs are good for my units role, as are the married (with kids) but its changing again to favour the low paid. Why should that be at the expense of those with jobs, who are normally more able.

    So if Durka Durkastan does something tommorrow it will take 2 weeks to mobilise me, although I'd be ready to go within minutes, instead a dolewallah goes, reinforcing the STAB stereo type.
  15. Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the poll, the results are quite interesting.

    Clownbasher has a point, which has been similarly aired elsewhere on other threads, but again suggests that the post rebalancing TA will be made up of mobilisation junkies.

    Either way, the NAOs report of 1 in 7 would seem to be rather optimistic if this polls results are anything to go by.