Arctic weather to hit UK - I dont think so!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. So does anyone else believe the forecasts of "Arctic blasts", "severe weather warnings" etc that have been appearing since New year's eve? When compared to any real forecast they seem to have been completely made up by one person at the Press Association and a "weather girl" at Sky news.

    The "severe weather" seems to be 2cm of snow in Lincolnshire that will melt overnight.

    Is there some alternative agenda going on here?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, there is an alternative agenda. When there's lots of stuff the gobment DON'T want to talk about, there needs to be a handy scare.

    They'd rather have WMD's (oops played that card), global terrorism (er, done that), internal terrorism (nope, had light tanks at airports already), savage dogs (er, done to death, so to speak) instead of collapsing health service, collapsing credit, collapsing housing market, highest fuel prices in the history of mankind, corrupt gobment, lost personal data, soaring crimes rates, dangerous prisoners being released or escaping before their time, cash for honours, dodgy property deals, soaring council tax, parking fine bonanzas, lousy roads, lousy local gobment, ooooh the list goes on.

    Weather scares - well, what else hasn't been played out yet?
  3. You forgot the one where in a crisis they'll out one of their fellow MP's as gay... diverts the headlines for a few days.
  4. I was expecting to wake up this morning to find I'd been snowed in and all the trains would be cancelled.

    But no. Here I am in Oxford Circus sat at my fecking desk. W@nkers.
  5. Only the BBC recruits properly trained meteorologists as TV forecasters, who generally use accurate and moderate language.

    For you populists who prefer eye candy that is better at ballroom dancing and 'celebrity' quizzes - you get some punter from the casting couch for whom accurate weather reporting is a passing interest.

    Its a very rare example of the licence fee well spent.
  6. You want to see what is comming your way, already seeing it out here in the North sea. Get yer parkas out.It's on its way.

    CTC(Southern North sea).
  7. This is the latest professional forecast, for which my employer pays an extremely large fee, for the East Shetland Basin;

    Now, anyone got a forecast for Rekjavik?
  8. Don't think that's true any more, although it used to be (Mrs. Angular used to hire and fire them at BBC South). These days they're just presenters, as people like John Kettley and Micheal Fish move towards retirement.

    I was shocked to find that the boy's school was open this morning, as there's a 'threat' of snow somewhere within a day's walk of here, sometime today. :roll:
  9. Well it's -4c here in deepest darkest Yorkshire and it has been snowing since around 04:00.
    I am going outside to build a snow Prime Minister and then “piss it” into the ground. :D
  10. Winter woolies for Allerton rd then is it? :lol:
  11. Based on the likelihood of a light dusting of snow on Bodmin Moor, I have a fear that Cornwall's going to grind to a halt.

    Not that you'd notice much of a difference.
  12. Light fluffy snow here in North Yorkshire, quite nice really me and the little one can go out in a bit and make a snowman.....
    Deep freeze my arrse........its winter.
  13. thermo. in living room was on 17c at 0700, put central heating and fan heater on and got up to 22c all heating still on an temp is actually starting to drop again 8O
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wife's just rang and its snowing in gods waiting room, Pics to follow!
  15. Its trying to snow here in lancashire but its a feeble attempt, about as much effort being put in as a Politician trying to make the country good.