Arctic Warfare Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Tweed Man, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering what the arctic warfare course entails and what kit is issued?
  2. Having done the course a few years ago, I can assure you it entails training to fight in conditions experienced in the Arctic and you are issued equipment taht will keep you alive in such conditions.
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  3. Skiing. Digging. Skiing. Freezing. Skiing. Shooting. Skiing. Freezing. In no particular order.

    You'll get issues boots, socks, warm weather kit. Gloves/face mask etc.

    To be fair, it doesn't take much imagination to imagine what it will be like.
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  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    It teaches you all the skills and drills you will ever need for fighting in the jungle :nod:
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  5. ice breaking drills, eating animal fat candles, candle watch, skiing, ski-oring, eating yellow snow, drinking hot screech and orange.

    drinking - green, gold, black beer
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  6. You will also learn the fine art of melting snow into water. Takes skill that one.
  7. Always a good idea to ask twice, just in case you miss the SME the first time. Turn up with your own skidoo, beat the crowds.
  8. when exposure strikes look for warm rocks to place with casualty in sleeping bag
  9. Ahh, the joys of a Norwegian winter.

    Strap some Army planks onto your square toed ski march boots, pull a pulk laden with all manner of heavy items, including pressure cookers and dried rations.

    Set up your 5 man ridge tent and revel in the delights of other men's butt musk wafting from their doss bags and fighting over who is going to fill the flasks in the morning as the designated "tent chef" is an incompetent ****.

    Do all of the above whilst being at the brink of ******* hypothermia, unless you are cross country skiing and you'll then be dripping in your own sweat.

    Norway is shite, the Arctic Warfare course is shite and cross country skiing is even more shite.

    Have fun.
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  10. Always had me baffled why people didn't go to Turkey for the winter training, and Norway in summer. Wierd.
  11. Making a lot of snow angels, I presume.

    If you're selected to be one of THEM, you get to start early.......and this is the issued kit. Very Gucci.

  12. Back in my Punk Rocker days, I remember seeing a series called Behind The Lines back in 1985, about the Royal Marines Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre. Some pretty hard core stuff. I was sat on my bed with my lass watching it, and her eyes were like organ stops when she saw the Marines doing PT naked in the snow.
  13. Dying in your tent of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fear not though, you'll die with your other 4 tent buddies so you'll not be alone.
  14. ...and if you can ski already, you get to carry the 7man tentsheet/be No1 on the pulk whilst your ski biff mates struggle to push themselves upright having fallen (twice) for every metre travelled forwards. The one time you fall over, your feeling of smugness evaporates as your loosely secured personal weapon swings forward into your face, neatly chipping off the lower half of your 2 top front teeth, you then experience the gnarly pleasure of ski-ing the remaining 15 km of your endurance ski, sucking in ice cold air over the exposed nerves of your smashed mouth.

    Does anyone know if they still issue toe covers? Should we tell the OP about them ******* horrors?
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  15. Watch out for the snow snakes!