Arctic smock, old pattern

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Okay, a sadly bone question, but I've just acquired one of these, and am undecided about the hood. Some say:

    Keep the wire in it

    Others say take it out

    (I am unlikely to ever use it any further north than Otterburn as an ACF AI, anyway)

    From the light of experience, what do other arrsers think?
  2. Keep the wire in, then roll the hood down, the wire will help to keep its shape.

    Also should you ever need the wire, its still available!
  3. When you put it on walt-bay as an "Infantry Special Operations Survival Combat Parachute Suit" you'll be able to get more for it with the wire in. The wire will help the rolled hood stay neatly rolled up anyhow.

    Is it the one with ranks slides front and rear and FFD pockets on the sleeves?
  4. I think as an ACF AI you should wear what you are fcuking issued and set an example !!!
  5. Another AI F@@k wit, wear the kit your issued you knob, the jackets you are issued now are just as good for what you need ie Poppy Appeal Collecting.
  6. So I should wear nothing then.

    I'll take your word for that. But please note that I, and my CFAV colleagues have not been issued anything other than headdress to arm, a rank slide, and maybe a pair of boots if we're lucky. All the issued kit is for the cadets. We AIs keep being told, next year, you'll get a full kit issue. Always next year :roll:

    BOWOBEAR, most cadets in my locality do not do any poppy appeal collecting due to some difficulties and issues raised by the RBL. Certainly all of my Regiments efforts now go into H4H.

    Can I expect a retraction or apology? Especially for that Avatar of yours FFS!
  7. Rank slide on front only. Got the FFD pocket though. Nice bit of gaberdine too.
  8. If you want that "ally" look wire out. If you want to roll the hood up keep the wire in as it helps keep it strait and rolled up.
  9. My wire is broken :(
  10. coathanger?
  11. Are you saying that people who collect for Poppy Appeal are knobs ? Providing that said collector isn't wearing medals they didn't earn, I don't care if Boy Fekn George or Mandy's boyfriend collects. That money is needed and goes to good causes.

  12. i am not saying poppy collectors are knobs, however if you have not been issued your uniform then your County QM needs sorting. As a AI you are entitled to this uniform.

    Spk to you G7 cadets who will sort this for you if they are doing there job correctly.
  13. Couldn't agree more ! Even if you support Middlesbrough ! :wink: