Archos 10 internet tablet

Brand spanking new boxed internet tablet.

Techno gumf here : ARCHOS

Gucci hand held wifi games consol kindly gifted by the mate / colleague of a right **** :D

Auction ends 1900hrs Monday 27th Feb

I'll start the ball rolling even though I am a JEW. £50.....
Pls put the basic specs out. Your link leads to Archos main website. It is a French company, so their website is pants. Most important are OS version and storage IMO.
Its the 16gb one.

Product Description
Manufacturer's Description
The Archos 101 internet tablet is a tablet whose choice you'll be proud of. You'll have in your hands the best of the highly desirable Android technology with a large, high-resolution 10.1 inch display and a slim and light profile.

Beyond containing your window into the Internet and your HD multimedia, your device is completely customisable with a world of apps to make it your personal tablet. With more people looking toward this new trend in Internet tablets, Archos has carefully matched the power of the Android platform to a seductive design that will have heads turning. With the adjustable leg stand, you will always have the best position to tap out your emails, view a movie or enjoy the photo frame application. Whether you're looking at the Archos 101 in landscape or portrait mode, your pictures will look bright and crystal clear on the high-resolution 1024 x 600 resolution display. It doesn't matter if you have it in your hands or if it's standing on a table, you will always be impressed by the quality of the screen. Android is the application framework developed by Google for connected mobile devices, coming with a full pack of connected apps such as a web browser and email application.

The 5 home screens of the Android user interface on the Archos 101 allow advanced personalisation; icons can be placed, moved or erased with just a flick of a finger. Thanks to the home screen widgets, users can instantly access their favourite applications. Basically, this is what you see on your product screen, but ten times bigger. With it's TV output, the Archos 101 internet tablet displays every Android screen on your wide screen TV. You can then browse your files or the Internet from your couch. And guess how immersed in your 3D games you could be using the device as a steering-wheel.

Want to be connected anywhere?. Just plug your mobile phone (equipped with 3.5G and Bluetooth technology), simply pair it up to your Archos 101 internet tablet via Bluetooth or even via USB cable. This will give you easy access to the Internet directly on your device anytime and anywhere. There's no need to pay an extra fee when you already have a data service plan. The Archos 101 internet tablet has Samba and UPnP protocols - this means that you play your movies, videos, and photos on your Archos 101, but these files are really located on your computer in another room. You don't need to store everything on your tablet to enjoy viewing it on your tablet.
Box Contains
Archos 101 internet tablet
AC Adapter
USB cable
Quick Start Guide (QSG)
Legal and Safety Notice
And its Jarrod coming along the straight now a full head in front of the pack ......
Ooh. Damn.

Damn too slow £120



Permission to butt in. This is Android and a farkin good one. Has Bluetooth, and a stand, very important development. It's light and portable .This thing is brilliant for the train, passenger, headphones, videos, music videos, Youtube, using your phone and tablet for internet on the move or reading the news/e-books. Pick up your emails live, via the Apps. Look at photos, even give photo slideshow presentations which is what I use mine for. Sexier than a sexy sexy-fooker. I love it as an e-reader and can download the e-reader apps no problem. Bump
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