Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Whiskybreath, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Zhou Qi, a professor at Jiangsu's Southeast University, came up with this:


    Our own professors and architects only seem to be capable of the Gherkin, Spike (or whatever -although I quite like it-) and random inhuman existence units in inhuman urban spaces. Now, if you had lived in this thing when you were a lad, would you have been a bit more confident in inviting Mable Murgatroyd back for a bit of howsyerfather? More power to the Chinks, I say.
  2. It would make a cracking multi-story gay nightclub. They could call it... Nobby's? Ideal for a mosque too, as it would save a few bob on domes and minarets. Jobbed.
  3. Ideal as a retirement home for Catholic priests, BBC 'talent' and care home workers.
  4. Lesbian drop-in and community outreach centre?
  5. I was thinking more of a political party headquarters. You know; whenever there's a new announcement about, for instance, the EU (of whatever colour, flavour or stickiness), a spurt could be emanated from the very top, to dribble down the sides and be licked up by the Guardian's Editor, who would be permanently strapped to the lower altitudes with sticky latex.
  6. Someones made a cock up!