Architect costs what do i need

Discussion in 'DIY' started by BONNACON, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Planning a simple extension at the back of our house 10m x 2.5m (25 sqm) Rectangle nothing flashey.
    A building friend of ours has said about £45 per sq foot which seems ok.

    It's the architects fees that seem a bit hefty. Any one advise please.
    Fees quoted are;

    Dwelling survey fee; £250
    Planning/drawing design; £650
    Working drawings; £900
    Tendering; £250
    Site inspections/ completion cert; £750
    He also requires land survey; £300
    +Structural survey; £600
    All plus vat

    Just wonder as these figs are about half that a friend paid for a 200 sqm house.
    Any thoughts?
  2. They're having you over.
    I've just had an extension built 3 times the size of yours which included demolishing and rebuilding part of the main house and attached garage.
    Total cost for architect services.....£750.
    Have you had plans drawn up to get through planning permission yet?
    Once you have, get a good builder prepared to work from basic plans then hire someone in to do the technical calculations, usually an architect.
    Mine cost a little over £70k inclusive, more than it cost for the house it now stands next to!
  3. Northern Biff has provided a very good answer, however expect to pay around £450.00 for planning permission and be careful of Section 106 payments.
  4. My expertise is that I do groundwork mainly but I occasionally get asked to build an extension. Your architect seems to me to be lumping stuff together to push his fee up. Get two other quotes as well for architectural services.

    Just some thoughts on these.

    Dwelling survey fee; £250
    Planning/drawing design; £650
    Working drawings; £900

    These 3 items to me are all the same thing. You tell him what you want, He measures it up and then does a drawing.

    Tendering; £250

    Is he handling the tendering process for you. That's just getting 3 builders to price the work on a drawing he will supply to them and a site visit. The other point is that many architects will have a builder who they often pass the work onto for a fee anyway.

    Site inspections/ completion cert; £750

    This is the bit that will be paid to the building regs people. I bet if you enquired, their charges are probably nearer the £500 mark and he has bunged on £250 for the privelige of sending them £500 of your money.

    He also requires land survey; £300. This again is just a part of the drawing and important if you need planning permission, but it is still part of the drawing that he is already asking you to pay for.

    Structural survey; £600

    That's a fee for professional advice from an engineer about the steels that will be needed, padstones and piers etc for the steels to sit on. He probably knows all that anyway.

    All plus vat

    Naturally but he will undoubtedly be interested in a bit of cash if you have some.

    The planning rules have changed quite extensively in the last few years. This is a relatively small extension. Althought it's 10m across, it only comes out 2.5m. You should check whether this building can be done under permitted developement rights which means you can build it without planning permission. If you can build it under those regulations, you don't necessarily need detailed drawings etc which can be a nice saving. Your builder will need to know his stuff in terms of building what you want and also very importantly meeting building regulations so that it passes the various inspection stages because you will still have to meet those regulations.

    You would save yourself a very large portion of the above charges.
  5. If the architect was recommended by your builder mate, then I would think twice about having him as a bezzer.
    This architect is quoting about 4k for his services...4x what I would have paid for my work, which makes you think what the builder will add on if he thinks you're a soft touch.

    Edited to add.. depending where you are, I can recommend a very good builder in the north west.
  6. Architect was recommended by our scolicitor!. Mind you where we are it's a small community and he is local so every body recommends each other.
    Rjibloke your on the money with your thoughts their all good sense to me. our builder friend even said he would risk it without planning permission but being an oustlander I just think it only takes one to grass us up.
    I will get on to planning this morning and post up the results. Feel a bit miffed with this lad wondering how to drop him and get some one else. He has done the drawing design but forgot to put the fees in then so I'm going to get stung for something Will do my shouty bit I'm good at that. Live and lern eh?
    Northen bif sorry bit far away from Lancs now but still crave pudding chips and peas in a tray with gravey...and a balm.
  7. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Just putting in planning permission for a similar extension - 5 x 4m.

    Architects fees for the planning application - including site survey, drawings, statement of intent and other fun stuff for building in a national park - £500 inc VAT
    The slightly fancier plans for the building regs + detailed drawings and guidance for the builders - estimate of £400 inc VAT

    That's it done.

    As for build price we are looking at about £850 per sq m. that's plastered but un-decorated.

  8. Great advice Arrsers. I'm off to planning dept tomorrow to see about permitted development. looks as if we are just inside the regs for it.
    Got intouch with the architect because that's what I thought you do and I thought costs would be inline with what has come out of your posts.
    looks like the architect wants to milk us so I think we will be going elsewhere. just wondering now how to sort him out. He has done the site survey and a proposed 1/100 sketch plan but some how I don't think that is worth the £900 he is asking.
  9. Check with your planning and building regs authority. Extensions being built under a certain size don't need planning permission. It's called permitted developement rights and if your proposed extension comes within the limits that you can build under those rights, you don't need planning permission. It's perfectly lawfull to build it. As I said, it's still subject to building regulations and will be inspected at each phase etc, i.e footings. then up to damp and then up to plate and so on. Drawings don't need the details that a full scale planning application would need but your builder will have to know his stuff because on some more cursory drawings, technical details may well not be specified but the builder should know what to do without it being specified. An example may be chipping out bricks on your existing buildings dampcourse so the dampcourse on the new building can be overlapped or using insulation between the wall starter kits before you render the gaps etc. Little things that should happen with a competent builder. Anyway, good luck.

    Edit. Previous post from BONNACON was posted just before I posted this.
  10. Surveyors are usually cheaper, and tend to have more up to date knowledge than architects with small builds. Architects are just artists who can use a ruler, (yes they get right on my tits with their artistic yet can't be built ideas). Architectural Technicians are also very good as they tend to be the ones that actually do the detailed drawings at the architects.

    You do not need any qualifications to design your own extension or find somebody that can. So long as you can satisfy the councils requirements and details, anyone can do it.
  11. To all Arrsers who replied to my thread I owe you at least 1 beer. RGJ I owe you a bottle of scotch or Irish.
    Been in to see planning today and they say we can build out to 4m at the back plus a terrace. As RGJ says building regs have to be adheared to but think that is a good thing.
    Architect has not got back to me on why his plans are heavy on price or as to why he didn't tell us we did not need planning permission. Slimy scroat.
    I might seem a bit dumb but thought we needed professional advice. just did not think we would get a rip off merchant.
    You all are going to save me a few bob on this thanks. Permitted developmet isn't well enough publicised. Last time we enquired about planning permission (only a couple of years ago) all we could build was 2mx2m.
    Thanks again. will fill you in when we get started.