Archimedes heat ray used in London

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by putteesinmyhands, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - 'Walkie-Talkie' skyscraper melts Jaguar car parts

  2.'s an English car, innit? :)
  3. "Eastcheap"...shouldn't have parked where it's cheap then.
  4. Indian.
  5. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Doesn't matter - I'd forgotten about that thing. OP, well reminded.

    Archimedes used it to burn Romans like ants in their ships during the seige of Syracuse, he also invented a sort of a crane thing to tip the ******* out of their boats. The Romans invented some pretty cool stuff too, floating seige engines. I seem to remember they built a huge tower on wheels, but I can't find reference to it.

    It's a pretty good read. Siege of Syracuse (214–212 BC) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[​IMG]
  6. Sorry. Forgot that you guys actually don't own any volume car manufacturers anymore. :)
  7. I don't see what the punter is moaning about to tell you the truth. :? Don't all Jags look like that these days? :? As for the building that supposedly caused the damage, it's not that bad looking, but if it has to come down for Health and Safety reasons, I'll bet if CMD would ask Angela Merkle, she probably could rustle up a few of these things. One never knows what might be lying about in the odd Bavarian mine.

  8. If you are anywhere near B38 PM me I've got at least a dozen. :)
  9. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    It's turning into a death ray:

    What’s frying at Walkie Scorchie? - Telegraph

    Our intrepid reporter:

    The local barber:

    And the local cafe:

    And its got serious power:

    Never mind cooking an egg, you could probably make a cup of tea...

  10. To put it into persective, though, it's generally expected that cladding in UK can reach temperatures of up to 85C (subject to colour and texture) so the building may only be contributing 8 degrees.
  11. Nothing to do with me, guv!

    I gather that the developers have found a solution Nurse! The Screens!

    I look forward to the news report that the screen has caught fire/melted in due course.
  12. Simple. Provide the window cleaners with diamond rings. The scratches will ruin the reflectiviciousness of the glass.