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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by re-stilly, May 11, 2013.

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  1. As there seems to be a few Toxopholites (Archers) within the hallowed walls of ARRSE I thought I would start a thread dedicated to the sport. Show us your kit, your best ends or scores, even tournaments you are attending.
  2. Prefer NFAS field archery myself, 3D for preference.

    Browning Mantis '03 had it ten years, still does the business. Never been one for getting the newest shiniest bit of kit each year and having to get used to and tune it all over again.
  3. Here is my Compound, cost me £250 from the States, luckily a mate brought it back with him.

  4. Nice, I have a Browning X-Cellerator too that was made in 1989 with a wooden riser. Only get it out occasionally as its set at 75lbs and tends to send arrows through most backstops.
  5. I am a bit of a Hoyt Whore really, tried W&W but couldn't get on with their grips.
  6. Browning fan big time here. Even got a Buck Tatt.
  7. 80's style..........
  8. Heres a typical shooting lane NFAS style.
  9. I do mostly target but do intersperse the season with some field and clout as well, off to SCAM this week at Winchester which is a good week of archery.
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  10. Have visited a couple of target clubs and its not my thing. Enjoyed shooting target, its just all the faffing with rules at the clubs by certain Blazer wearing types.
    The insistance or Green or white trousers?? I went to watch one competition that was held up for 40 bloody minutes while a decision was made on a competitors trousers not being the correct shade of green ffs.
    Very 70's style middleclass Golf club feel.
    NFAS just want to know you are safe and not jot is given about what you wear.
  11. Ahhh rule 307, this has been changed now so that you can wear more or less anything, shock horror even jeans as long as they are black or white. They are changing as they need the younger element to come through, and they can't be arsed with the dress code.
  12. I get all my bows from Bickerstaffe.
  13. Well it was a good while ago, But White jeans? Who the feck has white jeans? Are they expecting Freddy Mercury to rock up?

  14. I've got Apollo Merlin and Falcon TD steel bows from the early 60's and bought my 1972 Hoyt Pro-Medallist back from an old pal about fifteen years ago. Still got some Easton 'Siver Streak' alloy arrows, too, knocking around.

    Do they count?

    I occasionally go shooting on intro days, just to get the feel of starting all over again. I used to be a GNAS and FITA club coach, especially for disabled shooters, but gave up when compounds started to appear. I found a newspaper clipping and photograph of me taken in Regent's Park at a competition in sad is that?

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  15. I'm wishing to get back into some form of archery. I'm ditching the compound crossbow as they are a pain in the arse to restring as they need a press to do the job. I'm looking towards a recurve bow instead of another crossbow. I'm not really interested in joining any clubs as I'd sooner just find a woodland area, set up some targets and enjoy it in my own time rather than join a bloody club.