Archery in the UK

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by syledis, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Ive taken up Archery and its time to buy my own kit now. Can anyone recommend a good shop that will fit and adjust a bow for me?
  2. Thanks
  3. Depending where u are, Quicks in general are over priced, Aim4Sport is very good as are Perris. Don't buy off flea bay if you can help it as your first bow needs to be fitted also a lot of stolen kit ends up there. Spend as much as you can on sight and limbs as these can move from bow to bow.

    Try a number of bows, I tried 6 before settling on a Hoyt riser, Win and Win and Sebastien Flute are also good. If you want to know more PM me
  4. Took a look and it is a tad pricey
  5. I thought this thread was going to be about the Sex Pistols.
  6. I almost got into archery myself but ended up going down the air rifle hunting route.

    However when researching products I found that Merlin Archery seemed to be competitive.

    Archery Equipment - from Merlin Archery Ltd

    Check them out, you might like what you see?

  7. I like a lot but my wallet says..maybe!!
  8. Used to be Marksman next to Welbeck but that was a long time ago?
  9. Join a half decent club usually theres a bloke who can do a deal.
    Its a good idea as you want to get a bow and arrows that fit you
  10. Ive joined a club and almost finished my 6 week training course so its time to get my own kit now, but the more i look the more i like and the more expensive its becoming!
  11. Did a lot of shooting as a youngster. If you like it a lot buy good kit under guidance and it will last you years!
  12. Perris are good, I have a pair of win limbs and Hoyt riser, with a decent set of Easton x7, stick to recurve, compound will eat your wages,
    Perris will let you try out on there range, but it's in Ipswich
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I always preferred The Clash to the Pistols, tbh.

    oh, archery. sorry.
  14. What type of archery have you taken up? Target or field? What type of Bow have you got?
    Bowsports are a good store and if you can visit the staff are very good.

    Bowsports LTD