Does anyone know of any clubs in Germany, military or civilian? Having had a go on holiday I would like to get a few sports afternoons set up. (Bielefeld area - but can travel)

The GOOGLE search is not very helpfull.

they have a big club here in walsrode,,by fallingbostel,,but its prob too far for you....
There used to be a thriving club in Bielefeld mate. Worth asking someone in the area to check up should they be reading this.
Try Googling 'Feldbogen' or if you are not RMP sweet talk their interpreter who will look it up in the phone book. Then E Mail Google and complain that their search engine will not do your thinking for you.
There's a civilian club in Loehne, near Herford. Someone is also trying to start a military club for Herford Garrison at the moment.

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