Archers Rest Forum gone???

Don't know where to put this and figure heres good to start as its internettyweb type question.

I occasionally visit another forum for Archery called Archers rest, but when I search for it tonight I get the normal search results, so far so good. But when I click on the Link I arrive at an On line PC wallpaper shop called

(Don't click the link)

I have even tried going to Archers Rest using links from a notification email from Archers rest from awhile ago and again end at the wallpaper site. Anyone more computer literate got a scooby whats happening?
Has the site been Hijacked?

Thanks for any constructive answers in advance, the usual knobs will be ignored.
I'm a member of Archers Rest and I have recently received a whole load of spam from the site. It looks to me like they've been victim of somekind of attack.
Warrior you were right some bastard has hacked the site.

From Archers rest:


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Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:26 pm Post subject: Spam Email


Apologies to all AR members who were sent am email supposedly from me, I can assure you that it was not sent from me.

A spammer hacked into AR's email and sent the mail out to our address book. I cant apologise enough for this embarrassing incident even though it was beyond our control.

The little scrotes have also hijacked our url and diverted it to X-Wall, I am currently awaiting a response from our web provider on this matter.

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