Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by JT0475, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Esteemed members of the Corps. I having a senior moment, or was there a replacement system mooted for Clansman called Archer?
    If there was, what were the changes compared to Clansman? For some reason frequency hopping springs to mind.
    This is all just out of curiosity, I don't have a pile of mysterious green boxes in the garage or anything.


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  2. Source:
    Bowman (communications system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. archer was one bidder who was placed against crossbow in trials but I think it all went wrong when 1 company bought another out and this meant it wasn't a fair trial.The trials were mid 90's in Blandford.
  4. My ex was a recruitment consultant for Archer in the mid to late '90s trying to find decent engineers. She couldn't talk much about Bowman, but she did say it was a license to print money for everyone involved. Air to ship to ground secure voice and data. Every battlebus, canoe and barrage balloon to have it's own IP address.
  5. Thanks all.

    At least it wasn't something I'd imagined. What was the frequency hopping system called that was being touted around in the 80s then, as Archer doesn't fit that bill.


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  6. I worked on Green Archer - but that was a mortar bomb tracking radar.
  7. ^. That's the badger. Cheers

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  8. Archer Communications Systems Ltd (ACSL) was formed from the two remaining consortia in the Bowman competition at the end of the 90's (Yeoman and Crossbow). Until their contract was terminanted (end of 2000) they were based at Hedge End near Southampton. Some of the bits they developed (ADR+ for example) were carried forward into the the new contract won eventually by Computing Devices Canada (CDC).
  9. Thanks guys. Did Jaguar see any service with field units or was it only ever experimental, trials etc?

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  10. i thought we had a frequency hopping radio called cougar in the 80's? or am i wrong, and old.
  11. We had Cougar in NI. Don't know if it was frequency hopping but it was IIRC, the only secure hand-held system outside of SF.
  12. We used the Racal Jaguar in the Berlin Inf Bde in the mid 80s. Used for the Allied Staff comms but we were not allowed to use the freq hopping as we lived next door to the rooskies.
  13. Thats what i was thinking of, remembered it from N.I. ta for that.
  14. Cougar was not freq hopping but a damn good but of kit available in UHF and VHF freq ranges.

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