Archbishops assault on US foreign policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Yes, absolutely

  2. In fact he is right

  3. He is rather right

  4. There are only elements of truth in his views

  5. Rather disagree

  6. Completely disagree

  7. Send old idiot in a madhouse


    It seems to me that I have heard something like this previously... Yes, mr.Putin sounded exactly the same words.
  2. The Archbishop is a man of staggering intellect.

    It was an enormous surprise when T. Bliar (Roman Catholic in disguise) forwarded his name to HM The Queen for appointment.

    It was assumed that a 'safe' 'Bliarite' would be appointed.

    It was then predicted that Dr. Williams would be a serious thorn in Bliar's side. That event did not materialize as far as I can judge - sadly!

  3. He might be trying for a putin type position as well.

    Everyones a critic, yet very little actually try and help. I guess condemning the US is the easier route.
  4. Sadly the Archbishop is one of a generation of Western self-loathers, and Putin is more than clever enough to know how to play up to this idea to curry external favour.

    [/quote]He offered only mild criticisms of Islam in the magazine Emel, describing the political solutions offered by the Muslim world as "not the most impressive".
  5. Off thread I know but why has Isquared gotten an Oxygen tag? Thought his posts quite good generally!
  6. Ghost, as I understand you disagree with the Archbishop. Would you like to elaborate. Where he is wrong exactly?
  7. So, if we Spams were to take ground rather than try to gain influence and control he'd be cool with that?

    On another note, undoubtedly some of my fellow citizens see the GWOT as a sort of Godly crusade but I've seen no signs whatsoever that this is the national view. Assigning characteristics to all based on the actions of a few is rather silly. Or so I've been told.
  8. OK here goes.

    First, you need to define the meanings in his statement. For instance, what exactly is a "responsible civil society" and who's definition will get to be de facto? His?

    Consider this. The Archbishop, whether he likes it or not is linked to the US by cultural, social, language, economic, et al ties. When one says western culture, they are not just pointing out the US but the UK as well and by proxy.. him as well.

    The article suggests that this bishop is in the ring for a political angle. Making such a statement is neither constructive or helpful and simply serves to allow him his 15 minutes of fame.What has he done to help the situation other than exacerbate anti-western views?

    He knows that no one from the US will come over and lop his head off for criticizing them, but he wimped out on the muslims most likely for this very reason.

    My take on it, be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It's because of the west that he can even publicly make statements like this.

    I have no patience for control freak priests selling fear and salvation from a mystic construct.
  9. He has a point here.

    I mean bumbling into a pint sized midden of a country trying to install democracy and even doing a shockingly poor job of nicking all the natural resources? Is that shouldering the whiteman's burden? I think not.

    The Cousins haven't even bothered to enslave anyone or forced opium upon them or induced a decent megadeath famine this really is no way to run an Empire. Judging from the events of the Indian Mutiny if the old Imperial Brit's had been in charge the mass graves would be filling up at a much faster rate. Now after less than a decade these blubbering colonials desperately want to leave before even having efficiently sucked the place dry.

    And when we leave there's none of this humanitarian dithering we put a Germanic toff in charge to do it overnight. Screwing the pooch properly, creating a really bollox out geopolitical mess like Pakistan. Makes me misty eyed so it does.

    The Bish is right the Septic's are really slack when it comes to the Christian duty of applying the righteous sword of the lord to the heathen natives. I mean really it's enough to make a chap slap his rhino whip against his jodhpurs in disgust and savagely abuse the nearest suitably nubile native house servant.
  10. You Blackwater chappies! Here's the way you do it:
  11. [​IMG]
    Dashed wasteful of gunpowder unfortunately.
  12. That is a ludicrous caricature of British India that has about as much basis in reality as the attempts by modern-day apologists to make it sound like shangri-la. However, in a way you are completely right. To compare an imperial adventure with it's roots in the 17th century with a 21st century conflict is nonsensical.
  13. A lively piece there alib. How many large malts did it take to write that then?
  14. By the way the Archbishop was in New York on 9/11, very close to the attack. I am sure he can criticise Islam but he is allowed to talk about other issues as well!
  15. LOL! :D Good Drills, that man!