Archbishop of York talks yet more sense...

Immigrants to Britain in the past five decades have been treated like hotel guests who 'do not belong', the Archbishop of York said yesterday.

Dr John Sentamu said the failure of migrants to integrate had contributed to the collapse of a common British culture and the lack of a national sense of direction.

He called for recognition of the Christian heritage which used to bind the nation together and for a revival of the civic values once represented by myriad local clubs, churches and trade unions.

The Archbishop's powerful attack on uncontrolled immigration and on the Left-wing interpretation of multiculturalism that encourages migrants to ignore traditional British values, was made in a speech to Gordon Brown's think tank, the Smith Institute.

It's about time a leading church figure spoke some long-overdue home truths about immigration and the dismal failure called 'multi-culturalism'.Seldom(all too seldom in recent years) has anyone 'dared' to speak out openly regarding the above topics without running the very real risk of being blindly labelled 'racist/xenophobic'.At long last some reality has been aired-long may it continue.


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EX_STAB said:
Archbishop of York generally seems to have the right idea. Not like that muppet in Canterbury :roll:
If Canterbury said this sort of thing he would be branded racist. Yorkie can say what he likes because he's black. I'm glad he's saying it, but don't blame individuals for keeping their heads below the parapet when even the daily mail would take shots if they said anything un-PC
Looks as if it's a race between ++York and ++Rochester for the top job then.

Funny how it takes to foreign-born prelates to lead the Church of England's fight to restore Anglicanism to the heart of British society. Is that because the rest of them are Guardian reading liberals too ashamed of their own heritage to place any value on it I wonder?
PartTimePongo said:
I sat through one of his sermons. Damn this man is keen on restoring British Empirical values.

Can we make him Prime Minister? :D
Me too. He came on a visit to our station for the day aswell, he is a very switched on bloke, not just keen on the preservation of British culture, but keen to reinforce that the British Military are a vital part of the traditional British Culture. Top bloke.

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