Archbishop of Canterbury warns...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Archbishop of Canterbury warns recession Britain must learn lessons from Nazi Germany

    Bonkers. I don't think the UK is on the verge of something akin to 1920's/30's Germany.
  2. Nor did the German nation at that time think they would be being led to becoming a European and world superpower at that time!
  3. Ive not got much of an opinion on the waffling God Botherer , but kin 'ell , thats a bit much isn't it?
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The Archbishop of Canturbury is barking mad and hasn't got a grasp of the real world.
  5. Does this mean we will get decent roads :)
  6. and the trains will run on time..or was that Italy('Il Duce')... :?
  7. And Broon does? Okay...

    Personally I can't see Broon instituting the Broonshirts, he is a scruffy sod and paramilitary organisations need smart kit with belts, boots and sexy little sidearms. Something Paul Smith has yet to produce...
  8. I think that Unterscharfuhrer Mandelson will come up with some really good Broonshirt designs, full of style and panache.
  9. Rowan Williams thinks the Bible is based on reality. Hardly a reliable judge of sanity.
  10. Nice Khaki brown cargo pants with velcro buttock flap for "unimpeded entry".
  11. Did anyone vote for the AB of C?

    Like Shami Chakarabati, his views represent only themselves and possibly those of members of their organisations, so why are they given such prominence?
  12. Are you being disingenuous or are you unaware that the Archbeako is the titular leader (Betty is the head) of the established state religion of the UK? However crap he may in fact be at fulfilling that role, there is a certain cachet which his post retains. After all he speaks with the authority of being the spiritual leader of 77 million filthy Protestants, I mean much valued Christian co-religionists.

    The fact that he speaks a lot of arrant nonsense is part of the explanation for my current membership of the Church of Rome...
  13. Oh my dear chap, I always thought you were one of those WASP types, but it appears you ally with all that Popish malarkey… Mark you, I’ve heard some rather fabulous rumours about the explicit principles of Bavarian Catholic Schoolgirls! :)

    Isn’t there a rule somewhere to prevent religion becoming entangled in politics?

    I remain, &c.

  14. Your point about his appointment is a valid one - what I should have made clear is that he can waffle on all he likes about God stuff - he is, after all, eminently qualified for this.
    Where I take exception is with the prominence that his views on political or other non-religious matters are given.
  15. Actually didn't he say before, he doesn't think that?