Arch Bish of Canterbury to step down - religious bloke favourite to replace him

Since Dr Williams is going to 'step down' does that mean he will join the rest of us in the real world?
Sentamu would get my vote if I had one, which I don't, but the decision makers are going to find themselves er, conflicted:

"He's got lots of obvious qualities which would make him perfect for the job, but his beliefs are, how to put it delicately, too orthodox.
You know he seems to have swallowed all that doctrine and dare we say dogma without sufficient angst, hand-wringing and well genuinely, doubt.
No no, not our kind of spiritual leader at all. Oh dear, we didn't mean leader in the nasty right wing autocratic way, but in a spirit of cooperation and... sorry, really..."



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Richard Chartres is very pc at the moment, liked by the royals, did the sermon at will and kate shindig, though his decision to prompt the church to take legal action against the protestors at st pauls recently may have damaged his chances a little, and liberally traditional - I think he has a good chance of the big guys chair.
I'd back JS too but it's long been the tradition that you get York if your face wouldn't fit in Canterbury so he may have already shot his bolt as far as the top job goes.


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I'll give it a go.
Jarrod for bish.
Isn't it strange it takes a Ugandan born African to be the sensible part of the C of E hierarchy, rather than the home grown wibbling, bearded, handwringing nonentity we have there at the moment!!
Par for the course. We used to have Wilfred Wood as the Bishop of Croydon. First black bish in the country and a splendid fellow. Bajan by birth, and thanks to the education system in Barbados, fiercely proud of English tradition and traditional values. The only time he was unsound in sermons was when England were up against the WIndies in a test and he could not help but be smug...
A complete ******** IMO. The worst Arch Bish ever.
Is the Arch Bish appointed by HMQ? if so then I can see her putting John Sentamu in the chair
Is the Arch Bish appointed by HMQ? if so then I can see her putting John Sentamu in the chair
The Arch Bish will be appointed by the Crown Nominations Commission which includes the PM, which is bollocks and as Gordon Brown suggested the role of PM in choosing bishops should be ended. Its up to the Anglican church to decide their leaders, not politicians.

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