Arc Welder

For Sale

Arc Welder includes mask, chipping hammer and loads of welding rods (assorted types)

Lairdx The Gentleman Cat Burgler now there is a funny vision to toy with :)

Would you sell the chipping hammer on its own? would be of help in dealing with Hubby's clinker.
Is this the beginnings of "Laird-Bay"?
Rumbled it seems. I am a skilfull and sophisticated master criminal. I leave a pink tam o Shanter as a calling card at the scene of the crime.

Actually the welder was something I picked up a few years ago as I wanted to teach myself how to weld. Thus gaining a new and useful skill which I could put into practice with one of my hobbies. Doing up fast bikes. I have since aquired a clever tricksy gas welder which feeds the weld with a trigger mechanism and enables me to do more delicate jobs.

I am, as many of you are no doubt aware banned from ebay for 'conducting a campaign of persecution against another site user' Cnut!!!! (The verminous theiving turd still gets skips/glaziers/policemen turning up at his house aswell as abusive mail and will get filled in next time I am in his area - even though he broke under the pressure of my harrassment and sent the goods eventually.)

Now shut up and buy my welder. Biscuits_AB you could buy it and weld your bum hole shut then I can sell you a burns treatment kit.


Och no the 'pink' tam o'shanter!.........we're doomed, ye hear me.......doomed!
It's an Arc Welder mate. It works by creating an electrical arc between the electrode and the metal which you are welding. TIG or MIG don't really come into it.

Can I say it's an absolute bargain. A new 200 Amp welder like this costs around £150 for a cheap one and this is a good one.
Arc Welder is now sold. Thankyou.
It's a great price, but I'm waiting for the air compressor

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