Arc markers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hogstable, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Know what they are but ...

    Are they vital to have in CEFO or not vital. (close support engr role - not in the rear proper. )

    If they are vital, besides the gucci beta light marker ones , what do you reccomend?

  2. Some normal pegs, then buy some glow in the dark paint from halfords.

    Does the job. Cheap too.

    Failing that, just as cheap to black nasty some bergan type beta lights (on a key chain) to a peg or similar.
  3. A couple of IPK (KIP sheet) pegs and the luminous bits of a 'relocated' self adhesive 'Fire Exit' sign did me OK.
  4. Two pelican crossing poles with a bonfire on the top of each one.
  5. I prefer the "This is a powder fire extinguisher" one myself. Lots of nice colours!

    T C
  6. Geordie, that's twice in one fcuking day I've had to wipe the screen 'cause of you. :D :D