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I am doing a bit of research into various "tombs of unknown warriors". My question concerns the actual 'slab' under which the French unknown soldier lays. Is there anyone who knows what it is made of, where it comes from and is there any history behind it. I have tried all the usual avenues on the internet but, I cannot find any specifics about the slab itself. Thanks in advance. Dragoon.


Background info here with a photo of the Tomb. Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile, Paris No idea of the construction. You could try contacting the Paris Tourist Information Centre: Any good?
25 Rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris, France +33 1 49 52 42 63 ‎
Contact us : Paris convention and visitors office and request information about the Tomb. Interesting story to that Unknown Soldier Tomb in Paris, apparently eight deceased soldiers were lined up and only one chosen at random.

* Edited to say, see you already have one very good reply, good luck.
Some info about the history and choosing of the soldier below but nothing about the stone itself.

Arc de Triomphe (75)

There is a nightly ceremony, I've attended several. The Help for Heroes cyclists will be there early June.


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Tremaine, thanks for your input. I've been trawling very similar sites but, its the actual 'slab' itself I'm trying to to the bottom of. At the end of the day there may not be any major significance but, at least I'll know. Regards, Dragoon.
The tomb itself is constructed out of bricks, a material chosen for its simplicity. The cover is bronze, with a circular shield using swords as a design and holding the gas burner in the central part. The sculptor was Edgar Brandt, who founded the white goods company amongst other things. I've included both English and French wiki leaks as different info contained in each. Incidentally this month's Elle Déco in France has an article on him.

Edgar Brandt - Wikipédia

Edgar Brandt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

More info incoming by fax!


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Thanks for that, Will take a look at it, I'll PM you.

Regards, Dragoon

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