Discussion in 'REME' started by REME-Arsenal, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. im going to be doing my phrase 2 in a couple of months at arborfield as a avionics tech hopefully, will i get a free drivers licence there?
  2. Joined for the right reasons then
  3. hahaha ure funny mate, i joined because i like avionics, but ive just started driving and some people have said that i may be able to get a licence at arborfield,
  4. I wouldn't get your hopes up, I know plenty of tech spankers all the way up to 3 bananas who still don't hold a full UK driving licence as its not trade essential... If I were you I'd just be grateful for place at Arborfield.... I'm sure I've heard they're reducing their numbers! I'd save your pennies and do it yourself... or join the RLC.
  5. I know of very few people that have come out of Arborfield without at least their Cat B. I already had mine before transferring but managed to get my cat C while there. Most guys are doing their cat b in any gaps in training then going to Leconfield/Bordon for their C/C+E either just before or shortly after going to unit. Guys in my Bn that have not got their Cat C are being sent to Folkestone to get theirs so most guys have them, especially with us having just covered WRP and 3 Prairie Thunder Exercises, then ramping up for Herrick next October.
  6. To be a class 1 tech you should hold a car licence and C, C+E, however some times they just dont care, you my get it or you may have to wait till your first unit and try and get it sorted. I know plenty of people who never got their B license never mind their C, C+E. It depends on how they are feeling at the time.
  7. Whilst at Arborfield I knew of nobody who went on to their unit without a B license. Almost everyone attended C (+E) either before tipping up at their first unit or very soon after arrival.

    I'd advise you get a grip on your English.
  8. Everyone will get a B licence but when depends on where it can be fitted in while you are going through your training!
  9. Yes you do and they give you a licence to drive a tank too. Oh, and because you're going AV, you'll also get your helicopter licence.
  10. Now you're being silly, a tech with H licence. hahahaha!
  11. Is that a wah?
  12. No, more along along the lines of being facetious. See the post above mine with regards to licences. sigh.
  13. I've clearly lost my grip!