Discussion in 'REME' started by Lid140, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. What's the latest rumours about flogging off Arborfield Garrison? I know this was discussed a while ago but I have 'lapsed membership!'
    I understand only the tech trades go there now, do the rest go to Bordon then? Just curious, ex-brat...
  2. I was at Bordon last week, and the civvie instructors seemed to think that Arborfield would be safe. Cant vouch for it. Just what I heard
  3. There is a thing in Defence Contracts about running Arborfiled for the next 5 years or so, after which it will go to St Athan
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am pretty sure that most of the Training that was/is coming under the DTR is in a bit of flux right now - St Athan is V Expensive, but to get out of the Contract equally so. Wait and see..........
  5. Make me an offer and I'll see what I can do.

    I might have to grease a couple of palms so it won't be cheap. :D

  6. St Athan? Christ what a nightmare that's in Wales isn't it? When I was at PMC circa 1881 the rumour was that it was sinking into the reclaimed bog it was built on; maybe the prophecy has come full circle....!
  7. I think the St Athan project will be quietly killed off at the expense of nearly all the units at Aldershot moving to the Tidworth Triangle. Vast tracts of land being sold/rented to industry.
  8. wrong thread
  9. SEAE and SEME were both due to move to St Athan under DTR. The affordability of DTR is being addressed under the SDR. Arborfield has already been declared surplus from 2013 and is in the Local Plan for providing up to 5,000 new homes. Bordon earmarked for a further 4,500 Eco-homes. Both sites are critical to meet the wider Govt housing targets in the SE. In the meantime shag all money is being spent on servicing and infrastructure on either site and they're being run into the ground. If SDR concludes that DTR is unaffordable the cost of reinvesting in the sites will make SEAE and SEME unaffordable to run and housing targets wont be met. The idea of concentrating activity at Aldershot/Tidworth doesn't fit with Lyons. I reckon its an evens bet both sites will close and move to St Athan within the next 5 years.
  10. In the flip side, what has been spent on converting all those aircraft workshops/hangers into a useable trade school? If you think Bordon is in the middle of nowhere, I spent a couple of weeks working in St Athan the other year. Bus to Barry Island for a night on the lash is not my idea of fun, otherwise it is into the centre of Cardiff for entertainment - now that is a good night out, but not cheap to get to & from.

  11. After the next round of ACB they can close both of them and just use an old pack barn on Salisbury Plain.
  12. If you go on the defence estate website, arborfield is up for sale.
  13. Link? It's pointless putting it up for sale while there's no new home available for the occupier. No developer in their right mind would sign a contract without certainty of when they could develop it - the holding costs would kill any viability. Sounds like DE jumping the gun again, useless fcukwits.
  14. Both Arborfield and Bordon are part of the 'back up plan' should DTR get sh*t canned. No decisions have been formally made yet, REME are still going down the move to St Athan route until we hear anything different.

    ALL Defence College training will move to St Athan by 2015 (slightly flexible as usual), RNSME will be the last to move in 2010 as VT Flagship (Babcock) have a current contract to deliver trg in Gosport until 2010.

    DTR as it stands kicks in next year, however the new Govt are currently looking at this alongside other defence contracts.

    Should DTR be canned then decisions will be made as to where trg will take place.