Arborfield phase two training

Discussion in 'REME' started by cb1988, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. I am starting my phase 2 as an aircraft technician next month with a few others and was wondering if someone could give us some general info about Arborfield Garrison as we were not able to pay a visit to our phase 2 location during basic training.

    The main questions were:
    What is the accommodation like? How many to a room etc.

    Can you get your own accommodation as the training is so long?

    How much time do u get off (evenings/weekends?) ?

    Car parking?

    Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. Spiders, 15 to a room, 1 bunk.
    Saturday after drill, and sundays if no church parade.
    no-one had one.
  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Samain is still in the 1960s :)

    The blocks are very run down as they refuse to spend money on refurb since we're moving to Cosford in 2000, and St Athen in 2006...

    Mainly 4-man rooms, a couple of 8-man rooms here and there. Bunks for the full screws and bootnecks (if they're still around).

    If you want to live out - feel free to write a letter to OC, but I doubt you'll be able to afford the local housing unless you have a camper pulled up in a layby somewhere. The other option is entering into a civil partnership with one of your course and living in a 2/3 bed pad for around £160 a month. Don't forget to 'divorce' at the end of course though - as that might take some explaining to the new missus when you go to get married some time in the future and she realises you're still married to a dude...

    Time off = weekends, easter, summer, Xmas/New Year and Bank Holidays. Now and again you'll pick up the standard Authorised Absences too (i.e. Royals getting married, extra week off at Xmas etc).

    You used to do shitloads of duties but since they got all cuddly over it, there's very few now as they interrupt your studying and whatnot.

    Car parking - they turned that glorious drill square into one great big car park now, which is a 2 min walk from the block.

    There is now rather excellent welfare service in place. The WRVS has an excellent set of function rooms, indoors sports, Sky Digital, books, DVDs and internet terminals. And the gym is great too.

    But like I said at the beginning - don't expect anything to get fixed (unless its H%S related) as they're packing up the camp and moving on soon...
  4. More importantly the Brams is still going. Expect it to be crap though, it was in my day a long, long time ago and it seems unlikely to me that it ever rose above this level.

    Please feel free to invite me for a drink though as long as you are buying. Crap or not, free is free after all.
  5. WTF F Fing F F. Turn up to inspect accom before you get there. WFT F F Fiing F univerrse you live in?
  6. The main questions were:
    What is the accommodation like? How many to a room etc.

    Good, not as bad as everyone makes them out to be... 4 Man or 8 man rooms. No Wifi yet, being built in at the moment, they've started on B Coy accom first, dont know whether A or C coy get it next. Pic of me and a few lads in one of the 2nd floor rooms Image codes: room

    Can you get your own accommodation as the training is so long?

    No, only people who are going for Land Systems can get their own room (when they move into B coy), you are going to be an Aircraft Tech, which means you will spend a year (or more) in A Coy (shared rooms), and the rest in C coy (shared rooms again). There are one man rooms in both of these blocks but are only given to Corporals who are on their upgrader courses.

    How much time do u get off (evenings/weekends?) ?

    I get up at 7am everyday
    parade at 7.30 for register (roll-call),
    parade again at 8.00 for announcements,
    8.15 lessons start,
    10 - 10.30 morning break,
    12 - 13.15 lunch,
    15.00 - 15.30 afternoon break,
    finish lesson at 16.45.

    Evenings, do what you want, leave camp, whatever you like really.

    Mon - Fri, weekends off unless special occasion.

    If you drive, the Guardroom will tell you about car parking when you get to camp.

    If you need any info whatsoever, pm me.
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  7. Was called Princess Marina College when I first set foot in that place, went back a few weekends ago for a dine out, brilliant memories apart from parading outside the gym and Black Death making an appearance........savage PT that would never be allowed today, made me what I am today though !!
  8. ...still no invite. I guess it must have got lost in the post :)
  9. Last time I popped in there I was escorted from the Guardroom to my destination. Must not let us field force guys get too close to the trainees you know. We could be a bad influence on them!!
  10. Are you starting on Monday?