Arborfield for the Slop Jockeys?


“You can never tell with military establishments but we continue to work with the MoD and if sections become available we would look at that but it’s very dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket,”he said.
nice pun

He added: “It might be handy if 200 catering trainees were there – we might get some decent meals.”
Not more bl00dy rumours about Arborfield closing! They've been kicking around in various guises for at least twenty years. The main point about Arborfield is that the land that Hazebrouck Brks is on is Church land, ceded to the then War Office, it can't be sold or redeveloped by the MOD.

Anyway it makes more sense to bring units into Arborfield to take advantage of the unused buildings because the accomodation is (or at least was, the last time I was there) pretty good and it's not stuck in the arrse end of nowhere unlike most other garrisons.
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